College/University Administrators

College/University Administrators

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College Plus

Students have more valuable and portable personal property than ever before. This increases their risk of personal property loss due to accidental damage, theft, vandalism and more. Make sure your students are aware of the best insurance available today to cover their valuable personal property with a College Plus Insurance plan from Worth Ave. Group. For just pennies a day, students can protect themselves against the financial hardships caused by loss of property. College Plus Insurance plans are available for all college-level students who live on or off school grounds.

We can partner with your school in several different ways:

  • Request College Plus insurance brochures free of charge to the school. Distribute the brochures in orientation packets, student mailboxes or to pass out to parents/guardians and students.
  • Add a link on your school website to show coverage options.
  • Set up a group policy – the insurance premium is paid by the student through school fees. Your school then provides Worth Ave. Group with a list of student names, the policies are issued and the school is invoiced for the policies.
  • Set up a specialized program to meet your school’s needs.

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1 to 1 Program Insurance

We offer insurance plans specifically for schools who want to cover school issued devices that are a part of a 1 to 1 program or any similar program designed to give laptops (includes MacBooks), iPads, Tablets, Netbooks, Smartbooks, iPod Touches, Nanos, e-Readers, etc. to students, teachers, administrators and staff. Our policies also cover the device’s peripherals which includes the battery and power cord. For a price quote for insurance please fill out the quote request form at the bottom of our 1 to 1 Program page here.

We will set up group policies or individual policies depending on your school’s needs. If you want to offer an insurance option to parents/guardians, teachers, administrators and staff, we will create a simple one page insurance application form that you distribute. This application form will fit the specific needs of the electronic device your school has issued to students, teachers, administrators and staff.

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Additional Information

Choosing an insurance plan to endorse requires careful research and sound decision-making principles. For starters, if you have a 1 to 1 Program you have entrusted students, teachers, administrators and staff with valuable school property. This is why you need a company that exclusively safeguards school’s needs. Students are always at risk of having a personal property loss which makes our College Plus plan so important. Take a look at some key factors that make Worth Ave. Group the premier electronic device and personal property insurance provider in the United States:

    • Complete Coverage

      Our policies provide replacement cost coverage and protect you worldwide!

    • Unrivaled Endorsement

      Our affiliates have provided personal property insurance for students in over 2,000 schools across the United States. Proven history – We are the only company that has continuously provided this insurance coverage since 1971.

    • Toll-Free Contact

      We offer nationwide toll-free claims and information services.

    • Secure Funding

      Our policy is underwritten by Hanover Insurance Company.

    • Easy Claims Process

      Claims are handled in-house by our adjusters, assuring a hands-on operation providing quick and efficient processing.