Worth Ave Group, Inc. has been honored

….. to have some really great organizations and people say some really great things about our company and our insurance.  Below are a few of the things that have been said about “WAG” and stories we’ve been fortunate in which to be included.  If you see something about Worth Ave. Group, do us a favor and drop us a line.

  • American Business Awards Winner!

    “Worth Ave Group wins 2014 Bronze Stevie Award”

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  • Good Morning America

    “The Fantastic New and Cheaper Way to get Product Warranties for Your Expensive Electronic Devices”

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  • Daily Finance

    “Unlike many gadget insurance services, which often require users to sign up within 30-days of purchasing their device, Worth Ave Group allows users to purchase at any time.”

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  • CNET

    “If you’re going to be an exhibitionist, you need two things: courage and imagination. These are not things one would expect from an insurance company. And yet, at CES, the Worth Avenue Group bucks the trend…”

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  • Crackberry

    “We all love our BlackBerry smartphones, but what happens when the unthinkable occurs? What if you drop your prized possession and it breaks into a million pieces? What if you go to set your BlackBerry down…”

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  • Reuters

    “When Abby Speed was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico two years ago, she left her $300 camera in her purse on a table at a cafe. Both disappeared. Luckily she had invested in gadget insurance…”

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  • AllThingsD

    “The company had created a cellphone twist on the classic Whac-A-Mole arcade game, allowing convention-goers an opportunity to pound out their smartphone frustrations…”

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  • Techlicious

    “Unfortunately, the all-too-common risks of damage and theft will still leave you unprotected and having to spend more than you bargained for…”

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