Property & Losses Covered

College Student Insurance

College Plus InsuranceProperty and Losses Covered

Desktops, laptops, keyboards, mouses, printers, word processors, software*

Electronic Devices
Cell Phones, MP3 players, video game systems, etc.

DVD players, televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.

Musical Instruments
Guitars, Amps, violins, etc.

Sports Equipment
Golf Clubs, skis, skateboards, etc.

Coats, shoes, jeans, sweaters, shirts, purses, etc.

Chairs, tables, sofas, beds, etc.

Photographic Equipment
Cameras, lenses, etc.

Rings, watches, etc.*


School supplies, calculators, art supplies, etc.

Sheets, towels, etc.

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Liquid Submersion

Cracked Screen

Accidental Damage

Vandalism & Theft

Water Drop Cracked Screen Accidental Damage Vandalism and theft

Fire & Flood

Earthquake &
Natural Disaster

Tornado &

Fire and Flood Earthquake and natural Disaster Tornado and Hurricane

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    Loss or Damage to stereo disks (including CDs, Video CDs, DVD, MP3 and Video Games), records, software, albums, cassette tapes (including video tapes) is limited to $1,000 for any one loss.Coverage for jewelry, watches, rings and other items consisting of gold, silver or platinum or furs is limited to 20% of the policy amount (i.e. $2,000 policy allows $400 total jewelry coverage) for any one loss.Coverage for bicycles is limited to $500.

    Insured property in a personally-owned automobile is covered, provided that the vehicle was locked at the time of theft and there was visible signs of forced entry into the vehicle.

disclaimer-red exclamation-pointProperty Not Covered

Automobiles, motorcycles, boats, motors, aircraft or aircraft parts or any other type of motorized land vehicles or other conveyances or their accessories (including car stereos, GPS devices, etc.).

Transportation tickets or other tickets.

Salesmen’s samples.

Merchandise for sale or exhibit.

Money in currency or coin, evidences of debt, letters of credit, passport documents, notes, securities.


Contact lenses.

Artificial teeth or limbs.

Keys & forms of identification (including student ID’s, driver’s license, etc.)

Firearms or ammunition.

Pharmaceuticals – prescription or over-the-counter.

Artwork – professional or amateur.

Antiques and collectibles.