College Plus FAQ

College Student Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Worth Ave. Group’s College Plus policy cover property if my student lives off-campus or at home?

Yes. We cover property on- or off-campus. Your student does not have to live in campus housing. Our coverage is world-wide.

Is my policy the same as warranty coverage?

No. Your policy with Worth Ave. Group covers extended perils and warranty coverage does not, such as drops and liquid spills. Your warranty coverage is limited to losses, such as a laptop’s warranty is limited and will only cover mechanical breakdown or hard drive failure.

I sent my check/credit card information for the renewal/application. Did Worth Ave. group receive it?

It is likely that your renewal/application information has not yet been processed. Do not worry. Coverage begins 24 hours after the postmark on your envelope (unless you have chosen a different effective date). Please note that your cancelled check or a confirmation e-mail from Worth Ave. Group is proof of coverage. During our busy season, it can take up to six weeks for us to process renewals and applications due to the large volume of mail we receive from June through October. If you prefer, you can renew or apply for coverage online.

I don’t know my student’s address at school yet. Will this void the policy?

No. Since our policy provides worldwide coverage, we do not require the student’s address. Coverage follows the student, regardless of where they are or where their property is located.

My student has graduated. Is this coverage still available after graduation?

YES! We are happy to say that after graduation we can extend coverage indefinitely for students who have a current policy with us.

My student is studying abroad. Is he/she covered?

Absolutely! Their property is protected as they travel, including while studying abroad. Even items in storage or at home are covered.

I was not planning on renewing the policy until closer to the expiration date. Is this okay?

Yes. As long as your envelope is postmarked before the expiration date, coverage will not lapse. You may renew by phone or online before the policy expires.

What is my password for accessing my policy online?

The first time you log on, your default password is your last name (in all lower case letters). If you have a problem logging in, or you forget your password, you can always call us at 1-800-620-2885 or your password can be be e-mailed to you. Your password is registered with Worth Ave. Group. When you log into your policy for the first time you will be asked to change your password. This is part of the security upgrade of our system.

Does my homeowner’s policy cover my student’s property?

Most homeowner’s policies have limitations on certain property. For instance, most homeowner’s policies do not cover accidental damage of personal property. Our policy does! Usually the limit for property away from the residence is 10% of the personal property limit of the policy. Be sure to ask your agent if there will be rate increases if you file a claim with your homeowner’s policy. Another important thing to consider is the deductible. Typically homeowner’s policies have deductibles from $500.00 to $2000.00. Our deductibles are $25, $50 or $100. Most homeowner’s policies do not cover damage or loss from flood. Our policy does. The College Plus policy does not require that you schedule (list) your possessions. Typical homeowner’s policies do not extend coverage beyond the United States while Worth Ave. Group’s coverage is worldwide. If you are unsure, feel free to take our brochure to your agent and ask for their advice. Every year, hundreds of insurance agents contact us for enrollment applications for their clients.

Does Worth Ave. Group’s College Plus policy cover bodily injury or property damage liability for which the student is liable?

No. Dependent students are typically covered by their parent’s homeowner’s policy for liability.

Does Worth Ave. Group’s College Plus policy cover property that is rented, borrowed or belongs to someone else?

Yes, it covers property in the care, custody or control of the policy holder.

Who is your underwriter and what is their rating?

Our underwriter is Hanover Insurance Company 440 Lincoln Street Worcester, MA 01653 NAIC#: 22292 AM Best Rating: A for financial size category of $1.25 billion to $1.5 billion.