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How to keep calm and not break your phone while watching sports

For some fans, stress and anger plays a big role in watching a big game, which leads to numerous broken smartphones, laptops and iPads each year.

iPad insurance questions arise at Horry County Schools in South Carolina

Horry County Schools in South Carolina announced at the beginning of the year the area’s middle schools would receive iPads as part of the launch of the district’s Personalized Digital Learning program.

Tips to save a water-damaged smartphone

Taking a few easy steps could prevent a drenched smartphone from seeing water damage.

Report: iPhones most-targeted device in UK and New York City

A new study shows that iPhones are the most stolen device in the U.K.

A new U.K. government report showed that among stolen smartphone cases in the nation, iPhones are the most targeted device by thieves.

3 men arrested in Lake Forest for stealing 400 iPads from local academy in 2013

In Lake Forest, Illinois, 400 iPads were stolen in 2013, but the police recently made three arrests and caught the suspects.

Recently, three men were arrested for allegedly stealing more than 400 iPads from the Lake Forest Academy school in Illinois in June 2013.

iPhone 6 accessories market ready to ship newly designed cases

The new iPhone 6 accessory and casing market is already prepared for the new design.

With the bigger screens and the newest “larger” version of the iPhone available, accessory makers are now flooding the market with new cases, designs and other gear to accommodate the new Apple smartphones that will not even be shipped until Sept. 19.

Apple reveals two larger iPhone versions and smartwatch collection

Apple released two new iPhone models and a smartwatch collection.

A major announcement from Apple Inc. was made on Sept. 9, when it revealed three new products available for the public: a watch and two larger iPhones.

Laptop insurance for college students gives parents peace of mind

Parents could rest easier with personal insurance when their children takes multiple electronic devices to college.

As the new school year begins, parents across the U.S. are sending their kids back to college with new electronics and computer devices that are nowadays anything from cheap.

St. Paul, Minnesota, school district administers iPads to area’s 40,000 students

The St. Paul School District plans to add iPads for all of its 40,000 students in the area.

The St. Paul School District in Minnesota has plans to institute a new iPad initiative this fall, which will be the largest mobile device program ever for the state school system.

Smartphone market jumps 25 percent year over year in Q2 2014

The 2014 smartphone market grew in Q2 by 25 percent since Q2 2013.

The IDC reported in the second quarter of 2014, the smartphone market increased 25.3 percent worldwide when compared to the second quarter of 2013.