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Apple reports only 9 bending incidents for iPhone 6

While “bendgate” continues to sweep the Internet because of bending iPhone 6 Plus devices, Apple recently stated it has had only nine complaints about the new phone.

3 reasons iPad insurance is crucial for children

As mobile technology grows, the use of tablets reaches younger ages.

The world of mobile devices is evolving quickly, and now some of the youngest students are becoming the most proficient in computer technology.

Bent iPhone 6 Plus devices will need a visual inspection for replacement

Many are wondering if Apple will replace bent iPhone 6 Plus devices and if its considered to be under warranty.

Bend-Gate: iPhone 6 Plus showing signs of bending just days after its release

Many reports, tweets and pictures of bent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices have been surfacing on the Web.

New drop test videos appear moments after iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release date

On Sept. 19, Apple released its highly-anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in stores, and numerous new videos quickly surfaced of drop tests to see the durability of the smartphone.

5 ways to protect your smartphone while traveling

When traveling abroad, there are a lot of ways a smartphone can be stolen, lost, hacked or damaged.

How to keep calm and not break your phone while watching sports

For some fans, stress and anger plays a big role in watching a big game, which leads to numerous broken smartphones, laptops and iPads each year.

iPad insurance questions arise at Horry County Schools in South Carolina

Horry County Schools in South Carolina announced at the beginning of the year the area’s middle schools would receive iPads as part of the launch of the district’s Personalized Digital Learning program.

Tips to save a water-damaged smartphone

Taking a few easy steps could prevent a drenched smartphone from seeing water damage.

Report: iPhones most-targeted device in UK and New York City

A new study shows that iPhones are the most stolen device in the U.K.

A new U.K. government report showed that among stolen smartphone cases in the nation, iPhones are the most targeted device by thieves.