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St. Paul, Minnesota, school district administers iPads to area’s 40,000 students

The St. Paul School District plans to add iPads for all of its 40,000 students in the area.

The St. Paul School District in Minnesota has plans to institute a new iPad initiative this fall, which will be the largest mobile device program ever for the state school system.

Smartphone market jumps 25 percent year over year in Q2 2014

The 2014 smartphone market grew in Q2 by 25 percent since Q2 2013.

The IDC reported in the second quarter of 2014, the smartphone market increased 25.3 percent worldwide when compared to the second quarter of 2013.

College students and alcohol could equal more smartphone damages

As the tailgating season starts for many college kids, drinking could equal more broken phones.

As the fall semester begins for many students, so does the increased chance for broken smartphones due to drinking.

5 steps to prevent smartphone theft

People with smartphones should take steps to prevent stolen devices.

With costly mobile technology on us all the time, the chance of a device being stolen has dramatically increased over the years.

Is your device protected under homeowners insurance?

Many mobile device owners are not protected in their standard homeowner insurance plan.

As the popularity of these consumer devices increases, many consumers worry about protecting their electronics.

Minnesota schools want to educate parents on value of iPad insurance

As technology grows in Minnesota schools, administrators explain the need for insurance.

As more Minnesota schools invest in iPads, administrators want to educate teachers on the benefits of electronic device insurance.

Newly leaked iPhone 6 photos show larger casing and higher-powered battery

New leaked photos of a possible iPhone 6 show a larger and longer display and more powerful battery.

While skepticism tends to remain high when new iPhone photos are released, the world might have caught the first glimpse at the iPhone 6 thanks to TMZ. 

What is the best tablet for your classroom?

Tablets are enhancing the learning experience in the classroom.

In a number of schools across the country, tablets are becoming an integral part of the learning process.

5 apps teachers should consider for their classrooms

As technology becomes more popular in the classroom, teachers could use new apps to help with grades, assignments and storing homework documents.

With mobile technology being infused in numerous classrooms, teachers might be looking for the best apps to use.

Digital classrooms quickly become future of education

The use of technology in teaching and learning have grown exceptionally as more classrooms move to a digital curriculum.

With the increased amount of mobile technology popping up for consumer use, it’s no wonder numerous school districts are instituting new technology to help in the classroom.