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More schools adopt personal devices for the classroom

Teachers and students across the nation are gaining more access to mobile devices in the classroom through technology grants and digital classroom initiatives.

HP expected to release 2 new tablets in 2015

Big news recently came from the Windows and Android tablet manufacturer HP, which the company said it was in the middle of releasing two new tablets for consumers sometime in 2015, Digital Trends reported.

Amish Classroom Embraces Technology

The world of education is becoming harder work as an up to date establishment without new electronic gadgets assisting the learning process in American schools.

Fuhu’s 65-inch tablet

If you ever thought your tablet’s screen could be a little bit bigger, California-based digital device manufacturer Fuhu has you covered – and then some.

Why smartphone insurance is vital for your device

It’s a question many people ask themselves when they first buy a new smartphone – should I consider insuring my device?

Protect Your Smartphone from the Chill

For a large portion of the nation, cold weather is sweeping in with subfreezing temperatures, which can do a lot of damage to personal devices. 

Could iPhone 6 Plus affect tablet sales?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released roughly three months ago, and now some officials are saying that the massive 6 Plus is affecting the sales of tablet devices.

Survey: college students still want apple products

A new report was recently released that showed Apple’s dominance that still lingers among the tablet, laptop and smartphone industries.

Black market smartphone industry still thriving

Smartphone users have grown significantly over the past couple of years, and with more people carrying the expensive high-tech gadgets around, the number of thefts rises as well.

Cal school district gives teachers Xmas tablets

In San Gabriel Valley, California, the teachers and principals of Bassett Unified school district received a Christmas present right before the holidays.