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Disasters Happen! Make sure you are covered!
Nationwide Leader in College Student Property Insurance

College Plus is the premier personal property insurance plan specifically designed for College Students.
Make sure you have the best coverage available to protect your valuable personal items this semester. Worth Ave. Group offers comprehensive coverage options to fit any budget!

Protect all of your personal property that you bring on campus!
$66/year = Smartphones + Laptops + Clothing + Furniture + Sports/Music Equipment + Classroom Materials
$66/year = Smartphones + Laptops + Clothing + Furniture + Sports/Music Equipment + Classroom Materials

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- Worth Ave. Group's brand is officially recognized at over 2,500 colleges and universities.

- Worth Ave. Group is affiliated with NSSI - the nationwide leader in college student renter's insurance.

- Claims are managed in-house for quick and easy processing.
- Since 1971, Worth Ave. Group has been the leader in providing personal property insurance designed specifically for college students living on- and off-campus.

- Allmerica Financial Benefit Insurance Company (A member of The Hanover Insurance Group) underwrites this policy and carries an A rating from A.M. Best Company.
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