StreetAs the Summer season sets in, you are probably preparing for summer vacation.


Claims during the Summer are mostly for theft and damage while flying or traveling.


With a few simple tips, you can avoid having to make a claim and keep your devices safe: 

1. Keep any or all electronics stowed under the seat in front of you when flying.

Laptops can become damaged when luggage shifts in the overhead bins during the flight. It is also easy for your bag to be taken by mistake.

With your belongings stowed at your feet, you can control how your items are handled and who has access to them.

2. Always check all devices before boarding the plane.

It’s common for people to leave their cell phone or iPad where they were sitting before boarding.

Once you have boarded the plane, it is difficult to get off the plane in an effort to retrieve any items.

3. When traveling overseas, keep valuable electronics in an in-room safe when possible.

Since you are on vacation and you will obviously leave your room, keep any expensive electronics out of sight from any staff that may enter your room.

4. Before checking out of the hotel, gather any charging cords you may have left behind plugged into the wall.

Hotels find thousands of charging cords each year that travelers have left.

5. If you are driving to your destination, never leave your vehicle unattended with the windows down, the doors unlocked or property in the bed of a truck.

Your property can easily be stolen while you are away.

6. Always check your pockets or purse for cell phones when moving on to a new destination or location.

You don't want to have to go back to find your lost phone.

7. Carry laptops onto the plane when possible.

When you check the baggage, you cannot be sure how the bags are handled.

8. When traveling by taxi, make sure you obtain your luggage before paying the driver.

We have heard many stories about cab drivers leaving with luggage still in the vehicle.

The most important thing to remember is where your devices are at all times. Focus on protecting yourself and your property.