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Cyber Security Insurance for K-12 Schools & Districts

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Cyber Security Insurance for K-12 Schools & Districts

With everything being online now, your school has a cyber liability risk!

Cyber Insurance for K-12 Schools

If staff uses laptops or phones to share, store, or collect personal data, your school could be a target for a cyber attack.

Known Cyber Crimes & Vulnerabilities

Ransomware Ransomware
Denies computer system access or threatens to publish/delete data until the victim pays a hefty extortion fee.
Phishing Scams / Social Engineering Attacks Phishing Scams / Social Engineering Attacks
Convincing fraudulent messages where a criminal poses as a friend or organization asking for personal or login information.
System Breach Hacks System Breach Hacks
Due to malware or low security on devices.

Think the data you collect isn't a target for criminals?

Cybercriminals can monetize personal records or contact information. Even a hacked email account can be used to lure students and staff into disclosing personal information.

Cyber Insurance for K-12 School

Your School's Liability Expenses when a Cyber Attack Happens

Cyber Breach Liability Risk Ransom payment to criminals to get back access to your school's computer system and hopefully prevent personal data from going to the dark web.
Cyber Breach Liability Risk Legal expenses due to lawsuits from third parties, parents, or staff.
Cyber Breach Liability Risk State and federal fines and penalties, an IT forensic investigation, and breach notification costs.
Cyber Breach Liability Risk Credit monitoring for breached individuals.
Cyber Breach Liability Risk Recovery cost needed to bring the system back to a safe state. (fixing system failures, lockouts, data recovery, replacing damaged hardware)

Are you prepared to manage the expenses resulting from a cyber-attack, which could be millions of dollars?

Online criminal attempts are becoming more common. Most people don't know where to begin when a cyber attack happens. So, we're here to help!

Cyber Attack Insurance for K-12 Schools

Cyber Insurance for K-12 Schools

Providing broad protection for evolving cyber security risk.

Financial protection and assistance during a cyber attack will help secure the best outcome for your school!

Cyber Insurance for K-12 Schools

Prevention & Recovery

Unless you block EVERY hacker and criminal at ALL times, you need Cyber Insurance to mitigate your financial risks should you face a data breach e-crime.

What is Cyber Insurance Guidance to increase security to lower your risk.
What does Cyber Insurance Cover 24/7 policy access: Expert help and tools to respond to an attack.
What does Cyber Insurance Cover Helps cover liability and recovery expenses in the event of a claim.

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