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Partnerships for Wireless Electronic Device Dealers

iPhone and Smartphone Protection Coverage

In today’s highly competitive insurance market, you know that a door left open is an opportunity for your competition. Close that door by offering your clients the best in wireless electronic device insurance from Worth Ave Group.

Don't Compete: COMPLETE! Electronic Device Insurance from Worth Ave Group is not in competition with the homeowners or home renters insurance you already provide to your clients. It compliments and completes their protection package. As your client’s electronic device collection matures and grows, why shouldn’t your commissions from Worth Ave Group grow as well?

As one of our Wireless Partners you...

Solidify your position with your clients and lock out the competition
Enhance your image by offering the most up-to-date types of coverage
Ensure that your earnings grow alongside your clients'digital collection of devices

How Worth Ave. Group Benefits Your Business...

New revenue stream
New revenue stream with margins of 50% or more
New revenue stream
Coverage for product defect / failure and accidental damage
New revenue stream
Internal team designed to provide training & sales support
New revenue stream
Marketing collateral provided at no cost to you
New revenue stream
iPhones and Smart Phones repaired or replaced


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