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Insurance Plans
iPhone InsuranceiPhone
Laptop Cracked Screen ProtectionLaptop
iPad Spill Service PlaniPad
Affordable Chromebook CoverageChromebook
Comphensive Theft Insurance SmartphoneSmartphone

Insurance Plans

- Our affordable plans feature low deductibles, unlimited claims, and coverage for common accidents including liquid damage, cracked screens and drops.
- Did you know the cost to repair a cracked screen alone can be as high as $649? Don’t get stuck paying that out-of-pocket! Our plans offer $100 deductibles and unlimited claims!
- Don’t spend $230 replacing a cracked screen. Get unlimited claims, low deductibles, and coverage for theft, liquid damage, cracked screens and more!
- Make sure your Chromebook is protected against theft and accidental damage. With low deductibles, we have a plan that works for every budget.
- Our insurance plans include unlimited claims and protection against theft, water damage, cracked screens and more. We offer coverage for popular brands including Samsung, Sony and LG.
- We offer coverage for common mishaps such as theft, cracked screens, liquid damage and more. We insure all the popular brands including Samsung, Sony and Dell.
- Did you know a Manufacturer’s Warranty may not cover your iPod if it’s stolen? Our plans come with unlimited claims, low-deductibles AND theft protection!
- Common repairs can be expensive - repairing a cracked screen can cost almost $200. Our plans ensure your e-reader is protected against theft, water damage, cracked screens and more!
- Console repairs are pricey! Our plans cover theft, hard drive failure, water damage and more. We cover popular models including PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo.
- Did you know repairing a camera lens alone can cost up to $320? Our plans are affordable and include unlimited claims and low deductibles. We cover popular brands including Nikon, Canon and Sony.