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Tablet Insurance – Individual Policies

Worth Ave. Group’s tablet insurance policies provide replacement cost coverage and protect the device worldwide.

Worth Ave. Group tablet insurance policies provide replacement cost coverage for a full calendar year, paid with an annual premium. Each policy covers the tablet for accidental damage such as drops and spills as well as theft, fire, flood, natural disasters and lightning strikes. With a low $0 deductible and premiums starting as little as under $4 a month, this policy accommodates every budget. We cover NEW, USED and REFURBISHED devices.

Don’t let your priceless machine go unprotected. Our policy will pay to repair or replace your tablet for all covered losses.

Coverage for your tablet Anywhere! Anytime! Worldwide!

Our tablet policies will cover any of the following: Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab, ASUS MeMo Pad, etc. For tablet insurance policy pricing click on the above “quick quote” tab.

12OR3 Year Plan Our tablet insurance can be purchased on a 1, 2 or 3 year plan. To accommodate every budget we offer a $0, $50 or $100 deductible. The deductible amount is simply the amount of loss you agree to absorb in the event you file a claim on your tablet. The cost of your insurance policy depends on the amount of coverage you purchase, the deductible you select and whether or not you select Accidental Damage coverage.
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Tablet Insurance K-12 Student Policies

We also offer K-12 tablet insurance policies. Worth Ave. Group is affiliated with Student Insurance Partners and all K-12 tablet insurance policies are issued under the Worth Ave. Group name.

Student Policies Our K-12 tablet insurance policies will cover any of the following:Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab, ASUS MeMo Pad, etc. K-12 tablet insurance policies are for K-12 students, teachers, administrators or staff members who need to insure a K-12 school issued tablet. If you are a parent who has a K-12 student who has a personally owned tablet you’ll want to purchase a K-12 tablet insurance policy. Our K-12 tablet insurance policies have deductible options of $25, $50 or $100. For pricing for a tablet insurance policy click on the above “quick quote” tab.


Please Note: One tablet policy covers one tablet. If you need to insure more than one computer you will need a policy for each one.

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