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Shipment Insurance

Protect your shipments with Worth Ave. Group!

Insurance for your packages!


Purchase insurance to ensure you are covered when your package is lost or damaged.

Worth Ave. Group is now offering an insurance coverage program to protect your company’s shipments. When shipping products, there is always a risk of those items getting lost or damaged in the transit! We offer worldwide coverage and there is no limit on the number of claims that can be filed. Insure your packages for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Worth Ave. Group provides affordable package insurance to fit any budget!


Coverage Amounts & Premiums:
Insurance rates are based on the total value of goods shipped on an annual basis. Contact us today for the guaranteed lowest rates on the market!
• Only $1,500 per year for $1,000,000.00 in products shipped.

Policy Benefits
Insure your shipments!
Fedex Insurance Lost or Damage
Package Protection
Fedex Insurance Worldwide
Fedex Insurance No Claim

Standard transit chart shown below.
Standard limits can be adjusted based on client's needs. Limits are available upon request.

$100,000 Any one vessel or connecting conveyance or in any one place at any one time, EXPECT:
$10,000 In respect to goods shipped On Deck - any one vessel subject to an On Desk Bill of Lading
$100,000 Any one aircraft or connecting conveyance
$100,000 Any one inland conveyance
Not Covered Any one barge
$5,000 Any one package shipped by 1st class or registered mail and/or government issued parcel post
Not Covered Any one salesperson - salesperson's samples
$5,000 Any one messenger as a connecting conveyance
$5,000 Any one package via ABF or similar package or courier service

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