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School Insurance Programs K-12

One to One Device Insurance Programs

School Insurance Programs K-12

Does your school distribute laptops, Chromebooks, iPads or other tablets or electronic devices, to students, teachers or staff?

Worth Ave. Group offers insurance and warranty coverage for iPads, laptops, tablets, netbooks, Kindles,iPod Touches, iPhones, Chromebooks, and other electronic devices. Our One to One device insurance policies and warranty plans are the perfect solution for schools looking to insure the valuable devices they put in the hands of students, teachers and staff.

Worth Ave. Group and its affiliates have provided personal property insurance for students in over 2,000 schools across the United States since 1971. We know schools and schools know Worth Ave. Group.

All of our policies cover the delicate electronic devices on and off school grounds against accidental damage and theft. Students, teachers, and staff will be able to take the units home and have coverage at the same time! We work with One to One schools on setting up group policies and individual policies. Worth Ave. Group can tailor its application form for the particular device that your school issues, and build a portal page to use with your school website for parents to easily apply for coverage.

Why Worth Ave. Group?

  •      • One vendor to service all of your devices regardless of the manufacturer
  •      • Reduced overhead associated with managing your technology program
  •      • Shipping boxes are provided in advance to reduce your turn-around time
  •      • Plans of 1, 2, 3 or 4-year duration
  •      • Deductible options of  0$, $50, or $100
  •      • Worth Ave. Group is the most highly recommended solution for any school
    seeking proven, trusted and reliable insurance and extended warranty coverage for electronic devices.