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Corporate Electronic Device Insurance

Protect your company's assets

Corporate Coverage: Protect your company’s assets with Electronic Device Insurance

1 in 5 employees will experience damage or theft of a corporate electronic device.


Choosing a corporate electronic device insurance plan requires careful research and sound decision-making.

For starters, you entrust your employees with valuable electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, iPads, digital cameras. That is why you need Corporate Electronic Device Insurance for those devices that exclusively safeguards your business needs.



Key Factors Why Worth Ave. Group is the Premier
Electronic Device Insurance Provider in the U.S.A:

Complete Coverage: Our policies provide replacement cost coverage and protect the electronic device worldwide.
Toll-Free Contact: We offer nationwide toll-free claims and information services.
Secure Funding: Our policy is underwritten by Hanover Insurance Company.
Easy Claims Process: Claims are handled in-house by our adjusters, assuring a hands-on operation providing quick and efficient processing.
Extended Rate Period: Worth Ave. Group allows payment of up to three years premium at one time, thereby locking in rates for that duration.



Tips on Preventing Business Electronic Device Theft from the DC. Metropolitan Police Department:


    • Don’t leave your devices in an unlocked vehicle, even if the vehicle is in your driveway or garage, and NEVER leave it in plain sight, even if the vehicle is locked — that’s just inviting trouble. If you must leave your devices in a vehicle, the best place is in the trunk. If you don’t have a trunk, try to conceal them or fit them under a seat and lock the doors.


    • Carry your devices in a nondescript carrying case, briefcase, or bag when moving about. Placing these items in a case designed for computers is an immediate alert to thieves that you have these valuable devices.


    • DON’T leave a meeting or conference room without your laptop or personal electronics. Take them with you.


    • Lock your device in a safe place when not in use or use a cable lock that wraps around a desk or chair leg.


    • Apply distinctive paint markings (such as indelible markers) to make your laptop unique and easily identifiable.



    • BE AWARE that if your computer is stolen, automatic log-ins can make it easy for a thief to send inappropriate messages with your account. Use password protection and require a person to log in every time the computer goes to sleep or powers down.


    • BACK UP YOUR INFORMATION using cloud-based storage or on portable media such as a CD, DVD, flash drive, or other backup media. Store the discs someplace safe.