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Complete Business Device Insurance

Protect your employees' devices

Corporate Coverage: Protect your company’s assets with Electronic Device Insurance: 1 in 5 employees will experience damage or theft of a corporate electronic device. Choosing a corporate electronic device insurance plan requires careful research and sound decision-making. For starters, you entrust your employees with valuable electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, iPads, and digital cameras. That is why you need protection coverage for those devices that exclusively safeguard your business needs.


To request a price quote for laptop insurance, or pricing to cover other items such as chromebooks or iPads, please fill out the form below. If you are ready to start insuring your company's units today call us at: 1-800-620-2885.

Electronic Devices Covered

Laptop Insurance
Macbooks & Laptops
iPad Insurance
iPads, Tablets
& e-Readers
iPhone Insurance
iPhones &
iPod Insurance
MP3 Players,
Cameras & More!

Losses Covered

Damages Covered
Liquid Submersion
Damages Covered
Cracked Screen
Damages Covered
Accidental Damage
Damages Covered
Vandalism & Theft
Damages Covered
Fire & Flood
Damages Covered
& Natural Disaster
Damages Covered
Tornado & Hurricane
Damages Covered
Damages Covered

Comprehensive Coverage: Coverage options available for everything except intentional damage. We cover what the manufacturer(s) cannot.
Flexibility: We can set up group policies to fit your needs. We have customizable coverage options to fit your budget.
Convenience: We directly manage all aspects of the sales, claims and repair process so you do not have to work with multiple vendors.
Simple & Fast Claims Process: Claims can be submitted online or via email. Our policies include standard overnight shipping at no cost to you.
No Hidden Costs: Outside of the premium you pay (and deductible if one is chosen) there are no additional costs. We take care of it all!
Overall Cost Savings: Self-insuring a program is quite expensive. Insurance will be cheaper than overhead for technician(s), parts costs, etc.
Group Pricing Discounts: Receive exclusive group discounts when you purchase a plan to cover multiple technology devices.
Dedicated Sales Support: Our skilled sales team is ready to help you secure the plan that best suits your needs. Whether you have questions regarding your quote or are looking to submit a claim, we will help you every step of the way.

Do you distribute corporate-issued laptops, Chromebooks, iPads or other electronic devices to employees?

We live in times that demand your business to provide tablets, laptops and smartphones to employees in order to remain productive and on task. At Worth Ave. Group, we understand the headache you face when managing this large amount of corporate technology. You constantly have to weigh the costs of multiple factors when managing corporate devices, including:

• The cost of the devices and software curriculum to your business.
• The cost of insuring the devices for damages and securing repairs to the damaged devices.

As an administrator who is put in charge of managing all these devices, it is imperative that you properly insure your devices with a partner who has your best interest in mind!

What businesses are eligible for corporate device insurance?

Worth Ave. Group offers insurance policies and extended service plans for companies both large and small. Our insurance coverage can cover thousands of corporate-issued devices and is available to non-profit and educational businesses. We cover all computer related devices such as laptops (including MacBooks), iPads, Tablets, Netbooks, Smartbooks, Chromebooks and E-Readers issued to employees and administrators. In addition, we have insurance options that include smartphone and laptop insurance for off-site employees.


Don’t let unexpected damages slow down your business! We offer flexible insurance coverage plans that can fit any budget!

Laptop InsuranceLaptop and Chromebook Comparison Worth Ave. Group Apple
Care +
SquareTrade GeekSquad
Insurance or protection plan Insurance Protection plan Protection plan Protection plan
Theft coverage Yes No No No
Accidental damage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Liquid submersion Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power surge by lightning Yes No Yes Yes
Used / refurbished coverage Yes No No No
Unlimited claims Yes Yes No No
Purchase anytime Yes No No No
Cancel anytime Yes Yes Yes Yes
Repair locations In-network Apple store / authorized In-network In-network
Non-repairable Replacement / reimburse Replacement Replacement / reimburse Replacement
Monthly or in-full payment Both on select terms Both In-full In-full
Deductible $50 - $100 $99 - $299 $75 Varies
We cover all device manufacturers and models.

Is there a discount if we insure more than one device?
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Yes, there are different volume discounts depending on the number of devices.
Can our employees buy their own insurance direct from Worth Ave Group for work-issued devices?
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Yes, we have a couple of different programs which will allow employees to obtain coverage on a device.
Are there multi-year options for insurance?
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We offer 1 - 4 year coverage options. Worth Ave. Group allows payment of up to three years premium at one time, thereby locking in rates for that duration.
How do you determine the cost of the policy for each device?
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Coverage is based on the replacement cost of the device, premiums vary depending on coverage amount needed.
Do you have unlimited claims per device?
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Yes, we understand business environments and offer unlimited claims on our insurance policies. Restrictions may apply on our Extended Service Plans.
Is there a deductible?
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We have different deductible options starting at $0 depending on the business/employee preference.
Can we purchase just accidental damage or theft coverage?
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Yes, there are many different options under an al a cart program.
How do I submit a claim to repair my device?
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Claims can be submitted online via our claims portal or via email.
Can I insure a device that we bought last year?
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Yes, as long as the device does not have any existing damage.
What's the difference between warranty and insurance?
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A warranty is intended to cover manufacturing defects in the device and is essentially a guarantee that the product has been made correctly. Insurance normally covers such things as: accidental damage, malicious damage, loss and theft, and unauthorized usage. Worth Ave Group is an insurance company that covers all of the accidental damage and mishaps that may occur with business-provided devices.