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Landlord Programs: College Plus

Landlord Liability Insurance for Student Housing

Liability Coverage Plans

Property Liability Damage for Rental Units and Tenant Personal Property Insurance Coverage

Worth Ave. Group understands the financial uncertainty you assume as a landlord when providing rental properties as student housing. As a result, we have launched a liability program to help protect your risk. Our student personal property insurance plan, College Plus, can now be bundled with liability damage coverage to protect your rental property. This combined plan not only covers the tenant's personal property from fire, vandalism, theft/burglary/robbery, accidental damage, natural disasters and power surge by lightning; it will also protect the dwelling you rented to them from fire, smoke, water damage, explosion or sewer back up. The property liability insurance covers up to a maximum of $30,000.00 for each incident. Don't get stuck with paying small claims which are less than your business property deductible. Contact us today!

Where should you as a landlord start? We've made offering Liability Coverage with College Plus easy and affordable.
• We can provide brochures for you to hand out to the students on move in day.
• We can also create a co-branded web portal so students can purchase insurance online via credit card.
• All policy documents are delivered electronically to the student within 24 hours of signing up.

Things to keep in mind.
• Many landlords require proof of insurance coverage as part of their lease/rental agreement.
• Pitch the program as a cost effective way for the tenant to protect themselves. Accidents are bound to happen.
A minor incident could lead to major out of pocket costs!
• If you as a landlord do not require property liability coverage, you can still offer College Plus plan as an option for students to protect their personal property.

The Landlord - Student Liability Insurance Plan is easy and affordable to start.
• Offer our College Plus insurance plan to your student residents to protect their valuable personal property.
• Suggest that they can add the Worth Ave. Group liability coverage to that plan to protect you as well as the other tenants.

Personal property covered under College Plus:
Landlord Insurance Property Liability College Plus Worth Ave. Group
The Plan:
• Offers liability protection to you, the landlord, from losses caused by tenant-induced: fire and smoke, water damage, sewer backup, and explosion.
• Options to fit every students budget with premiums as low as - $72.00 per year.
• Deductibles as low as $50.00 for personal property claims. Standard $250.00 deductible for liability damage claims.
• Coverage limits as high as $20,000.00 for personal property coverage. Standard $30,000.00 in coverage for property liability coverage.
• Available in all 50 States.

The Worth Ave. Group Value:
• Supplement your current business property insurance to reduce financial exposure for small claims.
• Helps eliminate hassles in communication because claims are filed simply, quickly and directly with us.
• Provides your tenants with an affordable option to protect their property while also protecting yours.
• Claims covered under our policies will not affect your business property insurance rates.
• Eliminate the risk of out of pockets costs for common small claims.

For more information please call us today at 1-800-620-2885 or fill out the form below.