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Protect Leased Devices

Insurance for Leased Equipment

Protect your company's investments


At Worth Ave. Group, we understand that without your equipment, you have no business. A damaged or stolen device not only hurts you,  it can create an ugly financial situation between you and your customer. How many customers are prepared to cover the damage to your device caused by a fire or an accidental drop, a cracked screen or a liquid spill that happened on their watch?


Our insurance plans for leased equipment offer coverage against accidental damage (cracked screens/liquid damage), theft and more.


And yes, you can make money from partnering with Worth Ave. Group.  By offering  your lessees leased equipment insurance; you not only protect each other from loss, but you also create a new revenue stream for yourself.


To request an insurance or extended warranty quote for leased equipment, please complete the form below.

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