Old iPhoneEvery couple of years, Apple users run into the same daunting task of figuring out what to do with their old iPhone once they’ve upgraded. You will find that most iPhone owners will trade their devices in or attempt to sell them others for a depreciated price. Both of which are fine options, but have you ever considered putting your old iPhone to use?

I’m sure you’re wondering why you would need to use an old device for any reason, given your newer and upgraded iPhone, but what if there were some fun ways you could still incorporate your old iPhone? Well, luckily for you, we’ve found some cool ways to keep utilizing your old device even after you’ve upgraded! Take a look!

Woman exercising with an iPhone1. Physical Training Tool

Think about it, when you go for a run or ride on your bike you enjoy taking advantage of health monitoring apps, timers/stop watches and of course… music! With the amount of exercise being performed, you run the risk of dropping your iPhone, getting your screen sweaty or number of unfavorable circumstances for the life expectancy of your device. Why risk it? Just use your old iPhone to take care of these basic functions!


Dog at Home2. Use it for your pets!

Did you know that there are apps that have been created to help occupy your pets? There are games that have been developed to help your dog or cat get exercise without you needing to be active or even being present! One popular game is Cat Fishing 2, which encourages cats to chase virtual fish across the screen. This is perfect if you are in need of your pets wearing themselves out a bit and becoming tired without you having to entertain. There are plenty of other apps/games at your disposal if you do your research!


Smiling Baby in Crib3. Baby Monitoring

This will strike a chord with all parents out there. Consider that you’re a recent parent and saving money is becoming increasingly difficult. Instead of purchasing expensive and fancy baby monitoring equipment, use your old iPhone! That’s right, there are apps available, such as Cloud Baby Monitor, that allow you to check out live video of your baby and the abilities for parents to transmit their voice our soothing noises to comfort there baby if they are growing restless. Such a cool feature!


Old iPhones for Storage4. Portable Storage

Many iPhone users have experienced issues with the amount of storage that they have on their phone. So, instead of splurging on a much more expensive model with more storage, just use your old iPhone to store pictures and videos that you are looking to keep! It’s an easy way to organize your saved files and have it ready to transport at a moment’s notice. It’s just another good idea for how to utilize your old iPhone!


Now that we’ve discussed possibilities for your old iPhone, it’s time to discuss what you need to do with your new iPhone. If you’re wondering what to do with your new upgraded iPhone, insurance coverage is the answer! Worth Ave. Group provides insurance plans that cover damages including: accidental damage, cracked screens, liquid submersion, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, natural disasters and power surge by lightning depending on the device.

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