The International Data Corporation recently reported that in the fourth quarter of 2014, overall sales of tablets and more specifically, iPads, were lower this year than the previous. The slight decline in sales has the tablet industry moving toward educational outlets and for young children.

With more tablet companies directing the majority of their attention to younger children, parents might have a few questions on which tablet is best for their kids. Here are four tablets to consider buying for children:

1. Apple iPad
Let's go ahead and get the most popular device out of the way first. If you're a parent looking to buy your children a tablet of their own, you may have considered getting them an iPad. Some people believe iPads are directed more toward hipsters in Williamsburg or tech-savvy dads, but Apple's tablet also has some great features for kids.

Additionally, for smaller children with tiny hands, the iPad Mini might be a better decision because the price has gone down, and it's easier for kids to hold on to, Gazelle reported. The iPad is a powerful device that can load games, educational apps and children's movies in a heartbeat.

The iPad is still going to be the most expensive option for a tablet, but there are some parental functions that allow users to limit app purchases, and it has great content filtering options and parental management options, the source reported.

2. VTech Innotab Max
Vtech's most popular device is the Innotab Max, which is tablet specifically built for peanut-butter-covered hands and drops. The tablet allows parents to add or allow only educator-approved Android apps such as Toca Pet Doctor and Paper Cut, Gizmag reported.

The Innotab Max has a 7-inch screen and a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The device comes with only 8 gigabytes (GB) of internal data, but you can insert a microSD card in the tablet and boost the storage space up to 40 GB.

The device is made to be easily gripped and is surrounded with a thick case ready for all of the drops. The screen also has a kid-friendly protector to safeguard from scratches or messy hands, the source reported. The tablet is available for $110, which could make it the most cost-efficient kid's device.

3. Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition
Amazon had childproofing in mind when designing it's Fire HD Kids Edition tablet because the device comes with a two-year warranty and a durable bumper cover to prevent cracked screens, Quartz reported.

The tablet is extremely easy for parents to set up, the device has a lot of content that kids can access on the device. When purchasing the Amazon tablet, users can get access to Amazon Free Time Unlimited, which is a service that allows access to more than 5,000 apps, books and videos, for $2.99 per month. Also, the apps, videos and books are all free to download when subscribed to the monthly service, which will limit the fear of a child wanting to download a bunch of costly apps.

4. Fuhu Nabi Nick Jr. Edition
For those looking for a device that withstands the environment of a pre-schooler, the Fuhu Nabi Nick Jr. Edition might be a great option. The 5-inch screen makes the device easy to hold, and the tablet has more than 16,000 educator-created lessons. The device will mostly help children use technology to learn and do lessons, but it also has access to the Disney Channel to stream TV shows, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Whichever device a parent chooses, it's best in get personal insurance to protect the device in case the tablet takes one too many drops.