With the recent release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, customers are scouring the Internet to find the best games for their new devices. According to Apple Insider, 25 percent of Apple's iPhone sales were from the larger iPhone 6 Plus.

Its massive 5.5-inch screen will make it much easier for smartphone gamers to play with an all-around bigger surface to move and tap. Here are five games iPhone 6 users should consider:

1. Plunder Pirates
Angry Birds creator Rovio recently released its strategy game that has excellent graphics for a free app. The iPhone 6's iOS 8 helps enhance characters, backdrops and the water on the playing field, Mac World reported. Plunder Pirates follows the same strategy as Clash of the Clans and is giving users the chance to play a premium game for free.

2. 868-Hack
This game steers clear of the standard smartphone game that is simple to play, understand and master while grabbing your attention. Instead, 868-Hack is a complex game that requires you hack your way through each level to steal more data, The Verge reported. This game can be difficult for those looking for something simple and easy, but gamers wanting a challenge may meet their match with this one. The game requires players make a careful decision on each move they make, and with the intricate board size, playing on a larger iPhone 6 Plus could make the game a bit easier.

3. Goat Simulator
Things are about to get very strange. Goat Simulator is a game that follows a goat through a "surreal" world that most likely resembles Grand Theft Auto, Time Magazine reported. The game is just as weird as it is fun to play. Players go through the world controlling a goat, which can slingshot itself into anything in its way. The game does have some violent elements so kids should avoid downloading it. However, for those looking for a bizarre change to their gaming experience, Goat Simulator might be for you.

4. Desert Golfing
For those searching for a bare bones and simple style of a game, look no further than Desert Golfing. The game relies on the user to simply slingshot the golf ball across the two-dimensional playing field, which is similar to the pull system used for Angry Birds. There's a hole to aim for, which can be reached easily with one shot. Once a player makes it in the hole, the game moves the user on to the next round. However, there's no score keeping, no limit to the amount of holes and essentially, the game goes on forever. According to the Verge, a player might ask why play this game? But you'll begin to question a lot of things when you notice you've made it to the 300th hole.

5. War of Ages
The game works a lot in the same vein of the classic 1990s PC game Age of Empires. According to Time Magazine, everything from the playing style to the actual title of the game seems like a homage to Age of Empires. However, the game lets users connect with millions of other players across the world, which gives the medieval game a different feel.