Damaged Laptop Repairs Insurance

Beware! April Fool's Day is right around the corner! And for those of us who tend to lean more towards the gullible side, like myself, we admittedly have a real tough time on old April 1st. We are constantly being suckered into pranks and false statements that are meant to fool us. With that said, let me preface this blog by saying, that the content you read in this post is no joke!

If you own a personal laptop, you are more than aware of the technical issues and wear-and-tear that time can take on your device. But, are you aware of the average costs of these damages? In a world where we are heavily reliant on laptops for work and leisure, we need to be fully aware of the costs of repairing damages on our devices. Below you will see that we have outlined some of the more common damages to laptop products and what, on average, you will spend to repair those damages.

Damaged Laptop Repairs Insurance1. Cracked LCD Screens: This practically goes without saying, but the screen is essential to the effectiveness of your laptop. When you have a damaged screen; your laptop is relatively unusable. Do you want the good news or bad news first? Alright, so the good news... you can repair the LCD screen! The bad news... it isn't always cheap. Obviously, average costs of repairs are going to rely heavily on the make, model and size of the screen of your laptop. With that said, cracked LCD screen repairs can cost anywhere from $50-$250. 1

Damaged Laptop Repairs Insurance2. Crack in the Laptop Casing: Let's face it. Many of us are prone to dropping things. Not all of us can the gift of coordination when it comes to holding onto our electronic devices. A great example of this is the nationwide epidemic of dropping your mobile phone, but don't be fooled! There are plenty of laptop-dropping offenders in this world. On average, if you are in need of a laptop case repair it will more than likely cost you the not-so-cheap price of $118.

Damaged Laptop Repairs Insurance3. Liquid Damage: Face it... we've all experienced this heart attack, to a certain degree. Just think of that moment when you've gotten a little bit too comfortable at home and knock over a drink right across your keyboard. The panic that ensues is heart-stopping. This applies probably to the more leisurely user, but nevertheless is a common issue. In terms of cost, though, this can be tricky! Liquid damages can cause many different issues with your laptop that will result in a variety of unreasonable costs. For instance, if your computer stops working as a result of the spill, on average it will cost you around $600. 2

Not everything has to be doom and gloom, though! I know you are seeing all these ridiculous costs above and probably getting sweaty hands. But, did you know that you can get insurance coverage for your laptop for as low as $1.83 through Worth Ave. Group? That's only $22/year! Not bad, right?

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