Mom getting kids ready for school"Back-to-School" isn't necessarily a popular phrase among students who are attempting to enjoy every last moment of summer that they can. However, as we enter into the month of August, it is quickly becoming a reality. As the school year gets underway, inevitably, there are certain habits that you can practice that will help make your transition into the school calendar more seamless.

Take a look at these tips to help ease the transition and get you best prepared for the new school year!


Child sleeping1. Establish a Sleep Schedule
In the weeks leading up to the first day of school students should get in the routine of developing a school-friendly sleep schedule. If that means going to bed at 9 instead of 10 you will not regret it! Gaining control of your energy is imperative heading into the fall!


To Do List2. Prioritize Projects
In order to get students back in the swing of things, from an assignment perspective, beginning to set priority lists during the summer and setting deadlines. This will make the transition into nightly homework assignments much easier.


Preparing School Lunches3. Nightly Preparation
Preparing items and materials the night before can help students get used to preparing for the next school day, once fall comes. Preparing lunches or packing gym bags the night before can help set the routine of getting things done ahead of time. Even though you may not have to prepare the same way during the summer, beginning the process of getting things done the night before can be vital!


School Supplies4. Inventory
Create an inventory list of school supplies, clothes, etc. prior to starting the school year. This applies more to parents, but is just as important as any of the aforementioned tips. Having a handle on what you do and do not have weeks in advance can be of real benefit to your back-to-school experience.


Child Using Mobile Device5. Limit Mobile Device Usage
This is probably the least popular of any of the tips in this blog post, but could be the most important! Along with making sure that you establish a great sleeping schedule, making sure your students are "offline" late at night will help establish healthy sleeping habits. In addition, it will make them less reliant on these devices during the day when they should be doing homework or paying attention in class.


Have you tried these tips? If so, have they worked? Sometimes making small adjustments to your daily habits can lead to successful start of the school year. Best of luck to all students as the school year begins this fall!