While portable electronic devices become more important to us each day, the risk of having a device stolen is still extremely high. Thieves are constantly changing their ways to steal smartphones, tablets and laptops. Additionally, the demand for these devices keeps thieves busy, as they are looking to get their hands on anyone's device.

In Garden Grove, California, three men recently were caught on video surveillance smashing a smartphone store's window, cutting through a gate and stealing between $50,000 and $100,000 worth of electronics, NBC affiliate KNBC reported. The majority of the stolen electronics were iPads, iPhones and laptops.

The thieves used a large tool to break through the glass door and a bolt cutter to get through the iron fencing that blocked the entrance, the source reported. The three men reportedly took roughly 100 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones and 10 to 20 iPads, laptops and LG and Samsung smartphones as well.

Owner alerted through security system
Vu Bui, owner of the electronics store, explained that ADT, a major security company, alerted him of the robbery in the middle of the night, CBS affiliate KTLA reported.

"I was sleeping, ADT called me and they told me that someone was in my store," Bui told KTLA. "And I said, 'No, I'm at home. No one is in there.'"

The store owner had surveillance camera access on his smartphone, which he immediately checked. Bui said he could see the thieves in his store and called the police for help, the source reported.

Once Bui and the police arrived, there was only a trail of some electronics and other products from the store scattered along the sidewalk, through the back alley and into the neighborhood yards. According to the source, police were unsure if there was a getaway vehicle.

The store had only been open for less than three months, and Bui said the robbery will be a significant bump in the road to get his business moving forward again, the source reported.

Bui explained he didn't think this was a simple robbery, but an incident where crews knew exactly where the devices were located and how to get to them, KNBC reported. The men were wearing large hooded sweatshirts, and police are still searching for suspects.

While these devices have a lot of value everywhere, users should consider personal insurance to replace a device if it were ever stolen or lost.