CollegeAs the fall semester begins for many students, so does the increased chance for broken smartphones due to drinking. In a report from the National Center for Educational Statistics revealed there are roughly 21 million students expected to attend colleges and universities around the U.S. in fall 2014, which is a 5.7 million increase since 2000.


While college is a time for higher learning and receiving a great education, it also means a lot of students who recently turned 21 will be drinking. Whether it be frat parties, social events or tailgating, drinking is notorious in most college atmospheres. However, when students are consuming alcoholic drinks, the chances of broken phones increase greatly. Not only are they impaired when drinking alcohol, but reactions are delayed, so a dropped phone is more likely.


There are a few ways students can protect their smartphones from damage in college and here are a few examples:


Keep phones in purses and pockets while in the restroom
Nearly everyone has heard of at least one person dropping his or her brand new smartphone in the toilet, so why keep it out when using the restroom? Sinks, urinals, toilets and showers all raise the risk of water damage if a person drops the device or even sets it in a puddle on the sink. When you're drinking, you might not think anything of it, but having your phone out in the bathroom is pointless and will only lead to water damage.


Keep phone close by to avoid losing it
When a few drinks are consumed, it's easy to forget a phone at the bar, in a taxi or at a restaurant. While this can happen even while your sober, you should always keep your phone in a pocket, bag or purse and avoid placing it out on the table or resting it on the seat in a cab. The more your phone is out in the open, the more likely you are to forget it. Keeping electronics close by is the best way to avoid losing a smartphone.


Consider personal insurance
While some renter's insurance will cover stolen or sometimes lost electronic devices, many will not cover damages. If it has been a long night, and a phone is dropped on the walk home, many phone insurance policies will not cover all the costs to replace the phone. However, investing in personal insurance specifically for your electronics will cover the costs of any broken, damaged or lost phone and replace it with a brand new device instead of a refurbished phone, according to LifeHacker.