SchoolConsumer technology is quickly growing in popularity as numerous people are investing in mobile devices. According to a Business Insider study completed at the end of 2013, 22 percent of the global population has a smartphone, which is a massive jump from the mere 5 percent recorded in 2009. Additionally, mobile tablets are gaining ground as well. At least 6 percent of the global population owns a tablet, which is a large jump from their inception just a few years ago.

As the popularity of these consumer devices increases, many consumers worry about protecting their electronics. Different electronics such as iPads, iPhones, laptops and high-end cameras all cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. When it comes to homeowners insurance, many policies have large amounts of red tape on replacing devices.

One of the biggest faults in homeowners insurance is that it often does not protect a person's electronics from significant water damage due to flooding. Additionally, many homeowners insurance plans will risk increasing their premiums due to any claims for broken, stolen or slightly damaged electronic devices.

Coverage risks in school settings
A fast growing trend in the educational industry is focusing on digital classrooms. More teachers are using iPads, laptops and other interactive technology to teach students each day. When students bring their personal devices, they are often at risk for possible damages.

Many parents with younger children may not let their children bring expensive devices to school simply based on the fact that the cost to replace or fix the electronics is so high. Consumer devices are easy to break or crack screens when left in the tiny hands of its users.

However, even college students have their own worries toward protecting their devices. Just this summer, a massive water main break erupted near the University of California Los Angeles that shot water more than 30 feet into the air, Curbed reported. The gushing water flooded parking garages and the cars inside them, classrooms, the school's basketball stadium and many other areas.

The incident happened in such a hurry, many things were destroyed in the flood. Students who left their book bags on the floor could have easily seen serious flooding damage to any device they were carrying. When it comes to being fully protected and insured, homeowners insurance doesn't always cut it, and having a tailored plan for electronics could make everyone rest a little easier.