Top Free Cloud StorageDuring an era when online data storage comes at a premium, it can be difficult task to find a trustworthy cloud option without incurring ridiculous costs. Luckily, as the need for more storage options has continued to grow, businesses across the country have taken notice and have released numerous options for the general public. You’ve probably heard of options such as DropBox and Google Drive, however, in the blog post below we have outlined 5 reputable options that might be flying under the radar in 2017.


Box: Previously known as, the file sharing source known as Box offers 10 GB of free online storage along with highly secure password protected files. Additionally, if you are a business and are looking for more comprehensive data storage, there are options to upgrade your account from the “free” version to a more professional platform.

OneDrive: When registering for OneDrive, users receive 5 GB of free storage. More data storage can be acquired through various tasks such as friend referrals and photo syncing. In addition, OneDrive has an available mobile app that can allow you to easily upload files from any device.

FlipDrive: The FlipDrive allows all new users 10 GB of free data storage upon registration. The website structure is simple and easy to use and offers users the ability to easily share folders and files among other users. The only negative to the FlipDrive is that there is, currently, no mobile app available; making it more difficult for users of iPads, iPhones, etc.

pCloud: As does many these of aforementioned options, the pCloud offers 10 GB of free data storage. Where it differs from the rest is the possibility of doubling your storage to 20 GB with friend referrals and other various steps. In addition, the pCloud does offer a mobile app that presents the option for mobile users to upload data remotely. Easy file sharing has made the pCloud an excellent option!

MEGA: In terms of data storage, MEGA surely lives up to its name! Widely considered to be the most popular cloud storage options available, MEGA offers 50 GB of free cloud storage. Users are allowed the flexibility of uploading files both desktop and from mobile devices. The only real pitfall of MEGA is the lack of password protection and link expiration options available. With that said, there is still no doubt that MEGA is among the favorite free storage options currently available!

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