If you ever thought your tablet's screen could be a little bit bigger, California-based digital device manufacturer Fuhu has you covered - and then some. According to PC World, Fuhu recently showed off its new massive tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show, which range from 20-inch screen television-sized devices, to mammoth 65-inch display tablets that could take up a large chunk of your wall.

The company uses HDMI-enabled 4K technology in its two largest models - the 55-inch and 65-inch tablets. Essentially, the company will be releasing full-sized touch screen televisions that could start as an entertainment device, but use apps to instantly switch to be a business monitor for the office, the source stated.

However, before you get too excited about the jaw-dropping sized tablets, it's important to know these devices won't come cheap. According to the source, the 20-inch tablet will only cost a mere $399, which is extremely competitive in the world of tablets. On the other hand, the 55-inch tablet jumps to $2,499 and the 65-inch device will set you back $4,000.

Big tablets work well as media centers

Robb Fujioka, president and co-founder of Fuhu, explained the devices will function as a interactive station that will work in the living room or kitchen, USA Today reported. At the Consumer Electronics Show, the company displayed their devices in custom built-in kitchen tables, family card/poker tables and on the wall for massive interaction devices, which would allow children to paint across a 65-inch display covering the wall.

Several tablet device manufacturers are working on these enormous tablets that could eventually control your appliances, lights, electronics and security systems, USA Today cited. The devices would come with a much smaller tablet that could give users a remote control to work through all the apps and devices.

"[Think about the possibilities of] smart TVs," said Fujioka, according to USA Today. "Imagine watching a recipe and then downloading the recipe and ordering groceries or ingredients for that onscreen, as well."

According to PC Magazine, devices are changing so rapidly they are quickly evolving out of our realm of what we would consider a smartphone, tablet or HDTV. It's almost impossible to simply call Fuhu's new device just a tablet or smart HDTV because it can do so much more.

Fuhu's goal is to get consumers to consider the large device as another big piece of furniture in the living room or kitchen that can be the source of all media in one place, the source reported. The company has geared its device-making attention toward kid-friendly technology and this could be the perfect computer for the family.

However, according to PC World, since the device is so large, it makes it much easier for apps and programs to crash on the device. Fuhu is working diligently to make sure the size of these devices can keep up with the huge processors.

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