Insurance Relief for Back to School Technology

For most students, school is back in session! The beginning of the school year triggers a variety of lifestyle changes for students and parents alike. K-12 students are actively readjusting themselves back to the daily grind of the education schedule, while parents are adapting to a life full of practices, school activities, car-pooling, and somehow at the end of all of that you have to make dinner? Crazy, right? What's even crazier is the high cost of the items children are taking to school. No, I'm not talking about pencils, notebooks and lunchboxes; I'm talking about mobile devices.

In this tech culture, the average age that a child receives their first cell phone is just 10 years old. Which makes the question, "How are you going to handle damages to a personal iPad, tablet or smartphone?", an important thought to consider when sending your student off to school this year. Sometimes costly replacement devices just aren't an option. But if you're looking for an affordable alternative, electronic device insurance with Worth Ave. Group is the answer!

Consider this, a 3rd grader in Provo, Utah went into her first day of school and quickly got excited when she learned about a weekly show-and-tell in her classroom. She wanted to share one of her favorite games that she plays on her tablet and, with her parents' permission, brought the tablet into school. After she completed show-and-tell, all the students wanted to use her tablet. Sure enough, she eventually lost sight of her tablet and it was, presumably, stolen by one of her classmates. If the family in this story had purchased insurance coverage through Worth Ave. Group for as low as $2.58 a month, they would have received coverage for theft of the tablet.

Parents of college students, you are not immune to these electronic tragedies either. For example, a mother sends her son cross-country for his freshman year of college. The student is loaded with electronic devices but, let's be honest, the only device his mother cares about is his cell phone. Since a mother cannot survive without frequent phone calls and texts to her recently independent son.

Low and behold in the first month of school, this student drops his phone from the bleachers at a basketball game and breaks his phone. His phone becomes completely unusable. With a cell phone insurance plan with Worth Ave. Group, mothers can eliminate that potential headache and keep in touch with their long-distance students for as low as $2.25 a month!

Control what you can control. Nip any potential device damages in the bud before they even have a chance to take place! At Worth Ave. Group we offer insurance coverage on all types of electronic devices. From Laptops to iPads to smartphones and more! Worth Ave. Group covers a wide range of damages including: accidental damage, cracked screens, liquid damage, fire & flood, earthquake & natural disaster, tornado & hurricane, mechanical failure, and manufacturer defect.

Visit today and receive a free quote on the electronic devices that apply to you and eliminate the hassle and stress of high cost replacements.