Since 2007 I've come to the conclusion there generally are 2 types of people in this world - Lovers of iPhones vs. Haters of iPhones.

There's no telling why people love or hate them. Love the technology and the ease of use. Has grown up on Apple products and is an overall fan. Loves the abundance of games and apps that no other system has. Doesn't mind being tethered to Apple products, like iPhones and the uniqueness of cords/charging stations.

I know many that hate anything Apple for a variety of reasons. Some are developers and don't like the OS. They like viewing flash on their phones. Think they have too much of a monopoly on the market or technology. Infringes on patents, i.e. Apple vs. Samsung. iPhone features that should've been released sooner. The phones are fragile.

The list goes on and on.

But for this post, we talk iPhone love because as you probably have heard, Apple made the announcement about the iPhone 5!

Some of the most noteworthy new features/changes are:

* The iPhone 5 looks dramatically different from 2011's iPhone 4S. "It is the most beautiful product we have ever made, bar none," said Philip Schiller, who heads Apple's marketing.

* It's 4.9-in. long, about 7% taller than all previous models.

* Thinner -- just 0.3-in., or 7.6 millimeters -- by 18% and lighter by approximately 20% compared to the iPhone 4S. * Its 4-in. screen boasts an 1136-x-640-pixel resolution. The case is a combination of aluminum and glass, with the chassis composed of the aluminum.

* The new 16:9 aspect ratio will display existing iPhone apps in their current resolution, with black bars either beside the app, if the iPhone is held in landscape fashion, or at the top and bottom if held in portrait fashion.

* iPhone 5 has an Apple-designed A6 chip which is approximately twice as fast as the A4 in last year's model. * The iPhone 5 supports the faster LTE data networks.

* Larger battery and batter life.

* It has a new connector, which is BAD news for existing iPhone users so an adapter will be needed.

* Will have it's own maps with turn-by-turn directions.

But don't forget, Worth Ave. Group is ready and waiting for your September 14th pre-orders to start as we do insure the iPhone 5.