LeakedWhile skepticism tends to remain high when new iPhone photos are released, the world might have caught the first glimpse at the iPhone 6 thanks to TMZ. According to the tabloid, a supposed former employee at the Foxcomm factory in China smuggled out a an iPhone 6 and sent the pictures onward.

The images of the new phone are placed next to the current and latest model, the iPhone 5s. However, the image shows a much larger model for the possible iPhone 6. The paneling of the new device appears more like plastic than aluminum. The move toward plastic could be in attempts to make the phone much lighter than its predecessors. TMZ reported the smuggler who is currently in possession of the iPhone 6 said it was clearly lighter than the smaller iPhone 5 paneling.

According to Business Insider, there have been several reports that Apple will release the new iPhone 6 on Sept. 9. The few reports so far said there will be a larger 4.7-inch display, a bigger battery, a new A8 system-on-a-chip and a thinner and rounder form factor.

The photos leaked by TMZ also appear to show an additional sensor offset at the top of the phone's casing, the source reported. However, with the new sensor at the top of the device, more skepticism surrounds the leaked photos because it would be a major change from previous iPhone models. It's uncertain what the new sensor actually is or does, and some believe it could be anything from a larger microphone, speaker or ambient sensor.

More iPhone 6 photos leaked
While the TMZ photos have many Apple users eager to see the new device, new photos of the iPhone 6 battery have leaked as well. Nowhere Else, a French blog, which actually has a credible track record of leaked iPhone photos, according to Business Insider, released a new Apple battery image. The image shows the battery to have a 1,810 miliamp hour (mAh) capacity, which is slightly larger than the previous 5s' 1,560 mAh battery.

The longer battery seems to match with the original leaked photos that show a extended-shaped new model. Additionally, the supposed new battery power would also match up well with powering the longer and bigger screen.

Business Insider also reported Apple is expected to release two different models this year: one which will have a 4.7-inch display and another with an even bigger 5.5-inch display.