iPhoneTerry Gou, CEO of Foxconn Technology Group, the manufacturer of Apple's iPhone 6 Plus, has been very open about his product and the rumor that the new iPhone model can easily bend, PC World reported. Gou said the "bendgate" scandal was simply nonsense, and rival smartphone manufacturers were behind the hashtag craze that brought global attention to the iPhone 6 Plus and its ability to bend.

"How can a phone bend?" Gou said, according to PC World. "This was all caused by distortions from competitors. Don't blindly listen to it."

The attention the iPhone got for its supposed bending features began to overtake the news of the actual release last month, as many early buyers reported their phones bent, the source reported. Also, major competitors, including LG and Samsung, both used Twitter to mock and poke fun of Apple during the controversy, which has Gou believing it was started in the first place by some competitor.

The complaints of bending phones were extremely rare and overblown by Twitter and different media outlets. According to Mac World, there were only nine complaints of iPhone 6 Plus devices bending, which is nothing compared to the more than 10 million smartphones it sold in just one weekend.

Apple wanted to quickly nip the "bendgate" public relations nightmare in the bud and tested more than 15,000 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices for bending and other damaged features. According to Mac World, the devices were dropped and tested in several different ways and truly put through rigorous testing.

Apple said the devices can be bent if enough pressure and force are put on the iPhone 6 Plus, but it added bending instances from general day-to-day wear is rare even for those who are rough with their devices - not using a protective case, dropping the device often or putting it in a back pocket while sitting.

Gou made controversial public comments before
However, this isn't the first time Gou has publicly voiced his opinion on a controversial subject. According to Value Walk, Gou made a comment back in June that mocked new rival phone manufacturers that were coming out with curved screens.

"People are talking about, wow, displays that can transform, but they forget that you have to be able to use the device," Gou said, according to the source.

Even with Apple reassuring its customers, iPhone owners can still look to personal insurance to protect their devices in case the phones are stolen or completely damaged.