Remember when the iPhone 5 came out and there was a big stink about the maps app? Back then I wrote about how the Apple Maps iOS app wasn't that great and how most people seemed to miss Google Maps, which was the original iOS maps app. Well, it seems some people think Apple's version is still better than Google's and others.

PC Magazine tested three iOS mapping apps, using real world scenarios. The apps were Apple, Google and Waze. To many's surprise, including this guy who loves Google Maps better - Apple Maps won.

One interesting note from one of the testers which made me laugh was "One funny thing to note from the three maps app shootout. Google Maps on the iPhone showed Apple’s 1 Infinite Loop in Street view from behind the building, looking at a bin store. Not sure if this is deliberate or a genuine mistake, what do you think?"

You can read more about here. Do you care which maps app is best or whichever one works?