Using Microsoft Surface in the ClassroomFor the education industry, the latest whispers on the rumor mill are regarding Microsoft’s potential attempt to compete head-to-head with tech giant Apple for supremacy in the classroom. Last month, we analyzed Apple’s newest iPad model and how they were looking to gain a stronghold over the Chromebook in the classroom (view that article here), but Microsoft is not ready to be outdone! Sources have leaked that Microsoft is planning on releasing a more affordable Surface tablet that would be aimed towards K-12 education.

So what does this mean? Well, right now there is little detail known as to what this new device might entail. However, rumors have already begun spreading about what is expected from this new device. Below we have highlighted a few of these rumors:

  1. 1. Girl using Microsoft Surface tablet in classroomThe lowered cost has been the first major hurdle for any of these manufacturers and continues to lead the rumor mill here. While a confirmed price has not been released, what is known is that the normal Surface Pro is priced at about $799 and the latest classroom-friendly Apple iPad is rumored to cost $299, so needless to say Microsoft will have some work to do to join its competition on the lower end of the pricing spectrum!
  2. 2. Microsoft is also betting on the idea that less is more, in terms of the size of the device. It is expected that the device will feature a 10-inch screen and will be a round 20% lighter than the Surface Pro laptop. Reducing the size is almost surely a cost-cutting technique, but will also make the devices much easier to handle.
  3. 3. In addition to an overall smaller device, it is expected that Microsoft’s Surface tablet will also contain a smaller battery. The thought being, that this is not a device that will be used for leisure but, instead, education solely. It is also expected that the Surface tablet is to be powered by Windows 10 Pro.
  4. 4. While the official release date still seems to be a little foggy, some experts believe it is entirely possible that we begin to see the release of these new tablets heading into the second half of 2018. Such a release date would be prime for the upcoming fall of 2018 semester!

So which model and manufacturer do you see coming out on top in the K-12 education field? Apple, Microsoft and the Chromebook are all making their case in 2018.

Teachers and administrators, stay tuned for more on the tech industry’s battle to claim the classroom!