The classroom setting for middle-school students has drastically changed in the last few years. With the introduction of new technology, many schools are adopting tablets and using them in daily lesson plans. According to the Daily Astorian, it is not strange to hear middle school kids in a classroom whispering, "Do you have your charger?" or telling a teacher that they left their tablets at home.

Teachers are at the forefront of the technology wave and they are finding new ways to handle issues like a dead battery or tablets being left at home. While there are new challenges of technology, many educators don't see much of a difference between students leaving a book at home versus a tablet device, the source reported.

Tech companies honing in on K-12 market
Several laptop and tablet companies are targeting K-12 classrooms with newer apps, software and games that better the educational learning process. Additionally, devices have been implemented to help schools with their federal tests and teaching standards as well, the Daily Astorian reported.

Some of the concern is how to make the devices work for the teachers so they are beneficial for the educational setting. Some schools have quickly adopted and dropped their in-classroom device programs, but it could be from a lack of a technology plan.

There's no doubt that devices like tablets have not even been around for a decade, but these devices are showing benefits for students. [such as?]

Energize student learning
In Ilwaco, Washington, Ilwaco Middle School recently adopted a new 1-to-1 digital learning program to help energize and refresh learning outlets for students, THE Journal reported.

The school adopted tablets for its 240 students and teachers for the new program. According to the source, the school began using the technology with a different approach and used the devices to help turn Fridays into "Pathways" days.

On these days, students used the technology to help them learn real world things such archery, culinary arts, filmmaking, outdoor survival and other activities. However, throughout the entire course, the students use the tablets to learn and experience the subject matter.

According to the source, one of the programs teaches students how to put a chain back on a bicycle by using search functions on the tablet. With more computer technology entering the classroom, schools should adopt personal insurance to protect all their devices.