New Drop TestOn Sept. 19, Apple released its highly-anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in stores, and numerous new videos quickly surfaced of drop tests to see the durability of the smartphone, CNET reported.

The drop tests are non-scientific methods to check how the new smartphones will last with a simple drop on the ground. According to iDownloadBlog, these tests are ran by similar bloggers each time a new Apple product is released and are compared to how the devices withstand drops compared to previously released iPhones.

The new iPhones are both thinner with their overall casing and have larger screens than the last model, the iPhone 5s. However, one of the biggest concerns is how well the new thinner and larger-screen devices will handle a drop. PhoneBuff, a smartphone news source, said it performs a standard drop test on the phone's back, side and front screen to see check its durability.

iPhone 6 results
When PhoneBuff's David Rahimi tested the iPhone 6 on the device's back, the smartphone showed minimal damage and passed the test with flying colors. When the iPhone 6 was dropped on its side, it suffered no dents and very few scuffs and received a passing grade.

When the iPhone 6 was dropped on its screen, the smartphone suffered severe scrapes, and a cracked screen. The casing and the screen began to separate. While the phone was able to turn on and be used through the cracked screen, the damage resulted in a failing grade, PhoneBuff reported.

iPhone 6 Plus results
The iPhone 6 Plus was figured to have more damage when dropped, but when Rahimi tested it on the device's back, it showed little to no scuffs and proved to be durable. However, once the larger device was tested with a side drop, the screen immediately cracked along the side it was dropped. The smartphone was still able to turn on, but the screen damage and a cracked casing gave it a failing grade.

The screen-down drop test for the iPhone 6 Plus resulted in similar results as its smaller counterpart, and the phone suffered scratches and cracks along the screen. However, according to PhoneBuff, the larger iPhone didn't shatter as much when landing on its face. The device was also able to work functionally.

While drop tests give consumers a better idea of how each new smartphone fairs against a drop the ground, there's no guarantee of how much the device will break. iPhone insurance could help protect a brand new device no matter the amount of damage.