In the last several years technology and more specifically, portable technology has exploded in commonality. Almost everyone is connected to others through laptops, cell phones, iPods, gaming systems, e-Readers, etc. With websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more, we are constantly able to connect with those we know and care about. Airports have charging stations. Connect your Xbox and play games with others half way across the globe. Businesses have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Your Mom and Dad probably have their own Facebook page. We text instead of talk. We email instead of chat. We IM instead of speaking. Our culture as a whole is constantly plugged in.

How does this impact our future relationships with each other and with technology? Will it pull us closer together by allowing access to what others are doing 24/7? Or, will our relationships consist of wall posts, re-tweets, comments on a status update, text messages and emails?

Are you plugged in 24/7? How do you think it has impacted YOUR life? Or are you closer with those you know or further away? There's no right or wrong answer here, just countless questions. Since our technology as taken such an astonishing surge in the last few years, there's no telling what we will see next.