Protect Your Smartphone This Summer

Summertime is quickly approaching. Looking forward to longer days, barbecues, fireflies, spending your days at the lake or beach? With the fun activities this summer, keep in mind that it can get extremely hot. Here are a few tips to keep you from making that costly trip to the repair facility.

We interviewed the lead technician for one of the leading repair depots in the U.S. and he shared some helpful do’s and don’ts to remember during the summertime. Whether you are going on vacation or just hanging out in your backyard enjoying some needed family time, keep your device protected!


Protect Your Smartphone from OverheatingHotter Temperatures, Hotter Batteries
What you need to consider first is your battery. Your battery can overheat quickly. There are many ways to keep your phone from doing that. When you play videos or play games on your phone, it can make your LCD screen heat up a lot faster, causing your battery to work harder, thus resulting in most cases, the dangerous overheat screen. So cutting down on your screen time will drastically help your phone’s battery. Also, keeping your device out of direct sunlight will prevent overheating as well.

When your phone is on the verge of dying, put it on the charger and leave it alone. Don’t sit and play on it. This goes along with the battery getting too hot. Charging it adds heat to the battery area, and then your LCD being active adds even more heat, which only hinders the life of your battery.

Turning Off Your SmartphoneTurning Off Your Device
It’s nice to sometimes unplug or turn off your device for a while. This allows you to actually spend undivided time with family or friends without the distraction of the cell phone going off and you thinking about it until you get to it to check it, but more importantly, it can prevent your phone from overheating! Unused apps and brightness settings take a toll on your battery and you may not even realize it.

Protect Your Smartphone at the BeachGetting Sandy
When taking your phone to the lake or beach, consider keeping it in a shaded place out of the sand. Sand can get into every seam of any electronic device and can be more or less like sandpaper causing scratches and faster deterioration. You might consider leaving it in a waterproof case or Ziploc bag to protect the quality of your device.


Cool Off Your Smartphone in the SummerWill The Fridge Cool It Down Fast Enough?
In the event of your phone overheating, get it out of the sun. Place it near the air conditioning vent or near a fan to let it cool down slowly. NEVER put your device in the fridge to cool it down from overheating, as this can cause more issues than the overheating. It can cause unwanted moisture to get inside and ruin your device. It can also cause other issues such as discoloring your phone's LCD screen because it went from really hot to really cold, very quickly.

While these are just a few helpful tips that could help you to avoid that trip to the repair facility for your phone, make sure your device is also protected from unfortunate mishaps that can still happen.