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There’s nothing sweeter than summertime! For many, the summer is the perfect excuse to spend an excessive amount of time either in or around the water. Trips to the community pool, boating, canoeing or any number of activities! And let’s be real, this is 2016 and we don’t sacrifice the opportunity to use our tech devices even during outdoor activities. In the following post, we have highlighted some of the top waterproof electronics options of 2016.

Take a look, below, at some of these awesome devices and enjoy the water damage worry-free this summer!

Summer Ready Devices1. Samsung Galaxy S7: This product is one of the more highly rated smartphones out on the market today. The device offers a bright display on a 5.1” Quad Super AMOLED® screen and is fully resistant to both water and dust! The Galaxy S7 was released earlier in 2016, and boasts one of the better phone cameras on the market. If you are looking for a smartphone that will be safe around the community pool this year, then look no further!

Summer Ready Devices2. JBL Charge 3: When you’re looking to enjoy a little music when you’re out floating on the river this summer, this is the device for you! The JBL Charge 3 is a portable Bluetooth speaker and, even better yet, also works as an external charger! For only $149.95, this is an excellent option for your summer adventures.

Summer Ready Devices3. Olympus TG-4: This camera is a waterproof device that contains a fully weather sealed body. Additionally, this camera has a 16MP - 1/2.3" BSI-CMOS Sensor and allows you to record videos at a resolution of 1920 x 1080; not to mention the fact that the TG-4 contains built-in wireless and GPS. As far as cameras go, the Olympus TG-4 is an awesome option for your family beach vacations this summer.

Summer Ready Devices4. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet: This water-resistant tablet is an excellent option for browsing the internet while near the pool. The display is a 10.1-inch screen with a 2560 x1600 resolution. This device has a fully-functioning 5.1 MP front camera and contains 32 GB of storage room. This product is more on the expensive side at $548.90, but is well worth the price given the additional protection.

Summer Ready Devices5. Kobo Aura H20: This e-Reader was highlighted in a previous blog post and is considered among the elite of the e-Reader market. The Aura H20 is a waterproof and dustproof device that weighs in at 8.2 oz. and has a 6.8 inch display. The touchscreen display is described as providing a high definition display with the device reading the print on paper. This is a great option for those who like to layout near a pool in the summer and read on electronic devices!

However, if you have a tech device (not waterproof) you routinely take on the water; take a look at some of the insurance options we provide at Worth Ave. Group. We offer coverage options against water damage for the following devices: iPhones, tablets, iPads, iPods, e-Readers, cameras, and more! For just a few dollars per month, you can ensure the protection of your device. Select your device and get your free quote here.