Virtual Reality Gaming Scary

Video gaming has taken a whole new turn over the past couple of years with the introduction of virtual reality. With the release of the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive gaming systems, virtual gaming has become a huge hit nationwide. In the past, we’ve written about the pros and cons of each of the gaming consoles, but in this blog post we wanted to take a more centered look at the games that are shaping the industry. And in the spirit of the Halloween season, we have taken a quick look at the horror genre of virtual reality gaming.

Below we have detailed three of the top current horror virtual experiences on the market. Happy Halloween!

Scary VR GamesDreadhalls: The setting is based in an ancient dungeon from which you are challenged to escape. Along the way you are venturing through the halls of the dungeon with nothing but a lamp to light your way. As you can imagine, the entire escape is filled with creatures around each turn that will make just about anyone jump. Many credible reviews have raved that the sound effects in the game adds to the whole experience immensely. If you are looking to live the terror of this game, you can find it available on the Oculus Rift. Video: Dreadhalls: Full Trailer.

Scary VR GamesDoors of Silence: Doors of Silence is another game that is brought to you by the creators of the Oculus Rift. The premise of this game is similar to Dreadhalls in the sense that you are challenged to escape from a very creepy setting. However, instead of an ancient dungeon, you are confronted with an abandoned mental hospital. Creepy, right? The gameplay is full of flickering lights and plenty of jump-worthy moments that makes this the perfect game for horror fans everywhere. Reviewers have claimed that this game is so terrifying that it isn’t an easy game to finish! Are you up for the challenge? Video: Doors of Silence: Official Trailer

Scary VR GamesDreadEye: Of the three games we have listed, this game might have the most terrifying characters. The good news though is that the gameplay is much shorter than the previous two. And while the previous two games involved you trying to escape, DreadEye does not allow you to move. You are literally sitting in a chair the entire time, basically being tortured by hideous creatures. It is absolutely terrifying, but a great way to scare your friends! Video: DreadEye VR Experiance

Still not convinced? Take a look at this video of IGN employees trying to survive the new Boogeyman VR game! Video: How Scary is the VR Game Boogeyman?

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