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Electronic Device Protection


It’s Worth your time to compare Worth Ave Group’s insurance to the competition.


Did you know that:

• Some extended warranties don’t allow coverage for theft of your mobile electronic device?
• Some policies don’t allow you to transfer coverage to a new or replacement device?
• Some plans only cover a brand new mobile electronic device; and then…
• only if you bought your coverage at the same time that you bought that device?

Worth Ave. Group wants you to know that its insurance policies will stack up most favorably against any competitor’s plan.

After all; there is only one good insurance policy.

Does your policy...
• cover the claims that you have? 
• process your claim as quickly and painlessly as possible? 
• make you whole again? 

We like to believe that at Worth Ave. Group, we write that kind of policy. So go ahead and please compare our plans to the competitors. Just choose your mobile electronic device type below.