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Water and Sewer Line Extended Service Plans (Partnerships)

Water & Sewer Line Extended Service Plan

Offer benefits to your customers & earn revenue!

The inconvenience caused by a damaged water or sewer line is bad enough. Don't let the customer foot the bill too!

Water and Sewer Line Extended Service Plans: Extended Service Plans Administered by Worth Ave. Group

Are you looking for a way to increase revenue while providing added value to your customers? Look no further! Worth Ave. Group is offering an Extended Service Plan to cover water and sewer line damages and repairs. As an industry leader and innovator of service plans, we focus on affordable programs that provide customers with peace of mind if a disaster were to occur. In addition to providing valuable coverage to your customers, you will be implementing a new stream of revenue for your company. Fill out the form below for more information!

Benefits we can provide for your company:
• Revenue with margins of 50% or more (you choose the percentage)
• Peace of mind coverage for your customer
• Internal support team that will provide product training
• Marketing collateral provided to you at no cost
• Simple and easy claims process

Program Benefits
• Coverage limits up to $4000
• No deductibles and no hidden costs
• Locating the leak
• Excavation to pipe
• Welding & Pipe replacement or repair
• Backfill of area uncovered


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