iPadThe world of mobile devices is evolving quickly, and now some of the youngest students are becoming the most proficient in computer technology. Children are using tablets for learning and entertainment at younger ages. According to PBS, tablets shouldn't be introduced to children until preschool.

"Children under two years of age learn best from real-world experiences and interactions, and each minute spent in front of a screen-based device is a minute when your child is not exploring the world and using their senses, which is extremely important in their development process," said Dr. Carolyn Jaynes, a learning designer for Leapfrog Enterprises, according to the source.

However, Jaynes explained by age three, many children are ready to use tablets as an educational device. With that, the importance grows on insuring a device when a child uses it. Here are three reasons why iPad insurance is crucial for children:

1. Tiny fingers mean dropped tablets
There's no real way to get around it - children with small hands and fingers have a more difficult time grappling big tablet devices, which can cause them to drop the electronics on a regular basis. While investing in a sturdy iPad case might prevent some damage, a single drop could severely affect the insides of consumer devices, as they are not made to be dropped.

Insuring a tablet device could let parents rest easy when their children are using their mobile devices so they know they are fully covered in case of an accident.

2. Rougher environment
Tablets are a great way to motivate students and fully engage them with their schoolwork, Tablets for Schools reported. More schools are investing in devices for all age groups, and when it comes to middle- and high-school students, tablets might not survive a school environment. Middle- and high-school students carry tons of books, binders and folders each day, and the weight of an iPad could make it more strenuous.

While accidents happen, the likelihood increases when students are rushing to classes and keeping their devices on them all day.

3. Return on investment
One of the biggest reasons parents of school districts should invest in iPad insurance for children is to ensure a return on investment (ROI). Because new mobile technology is notoriously fragile, parents could save thousands by investing in iPad insurance to protect their children's devices. If the device is ever dropped, broken, or stolen, having insurance would provide peace of mind knowing it could be replaced.