Money1. Invest in a SmartPhone 

 Your SmartPhone can eliminate the need for a camera, iPod, e-Reader, GPS and maybe even a computer. Many phones do almost everything a computer can do.

2. SmartPhone Apps

There are many apps aimed at helping you save money from barcode scanners that let you scout prices of a product to local deal apps, this is one way easy way to keep money in your pocket.

3. Read e-Books 

 eBooks cost a fraction of a hard or paperback book. Also, most libraries are now offering e-Books for rental just like any other library book.

4. Use Wifi

 Lots of coffee shops and businesses offer Wifi to be used by their patrons. By using their wifi you can eliminate the need for internet in the home as well as absorb some of the data on your smartphone.

5. Watch Television on the Web

A Movie subscription service like Netflix will allow you to rent television shows as well as movies for only around $19.99 a month or less.

And, websites such as Hulu lets you watch current television shows for no charge. By doing this there is no need to purchase cable television.