3d TV The worlds best HD television manufacturers are amidst a war about who makes the better 3D technology tv. The rivalry, more like mudslinging during a presidential election, took a nasty turn this week.

Tuesday, a Samsung executive reportedly called LG engineers “stupid.” In response, LG said Samsung had shown they were “losing it” by choosing to use abusive remarks to discredit the competition instead of letting their products speak for themselves.

Thursday, LG held a press conference announcing talks with Sony about providing 3D TV panels to the Japanese manufacturer. Just one more way LC can inch ahead of Samsung in the growingly tense competition.

The source of contention is the need to possess the best technology to enhance the viewing experience 3D TVs. LG argues their film patterned retarder (FPR) technology is much better than the standard shutter glass technology. LG says FPR eliminates blurry images, and that its glasses are lighter than previous issues. Samsung says FPR is outdated.

While only 2% of televisions sold last year were 3D models, experts in the technology industry project that in the next 3 years 3D tvs will sell up to 40% of all televisions sold. These means there is a lot at stake for Samsung and LG. Only time will tell who will emerge as the winner of the 3D tv race. Expect the consumer to be the major winner here, especially if the public mudslinging continues.