Chromebook Insurance iPad Insurance for K-12 School Student Devices
Chromebook Insurance and iPad Insurance for Student Issued Devices

As the use of Chromebooks or iPads in education increases, so does the risk of accidental device damage. Most school districts allow students to take school-issued devices home, so unpredictable device incidents can happen not only at school but anywhere and anytime. From cracked screens to liquid spills, possibilities for damage are endless when these school-issued devices are in the student's hands or backpacks.

If your school has a 1:1 technology program, you certainly want to take all the precautions to keep the laptops and tablets issued to your students safe from everyday mishaps. K-12 device insurance can help you not only to protect your school-issued devices but also to improve your 1:1 initiative. Let's see how K-12 device insurance can benefit your 1:1 initiative.

Enables considerable cost savings

Unexpected expenses are a K-12 school administrator’s biggest problem while maintaining your district’s 1:1 technology program. Schools usually work with limited budgets, while expensive device repairs and replacements can quickly strain your budget when your school is responsible for repairing or replacing student-issued devices. Furthermore, you may get stuck with a pile of broken devices and no funds for repairs or replacements.

K-12 device insurance can help you protect your budget against these unexpected expenses by providing financial protection for your school-issued devices. And not only against accidental damage but also against theft, vandalism, fire, flood, natural disasters, and much more! Worth Ave. Group offers flexible programs and customized solutions that fit your school’s needs and budget, so you can rest easy knowing that no matter how many students damage their laptop or tablet or how many times, you’re covered with unlimited claims and $0 deductibles.

Protects your district’s investment in student technology

School districts invest a lot of money in classroom technology each year. But, this significant financial investment in providing technology in a K-12 environment also puts schools under additional pressure to ensure their classroom devices are safe from accidental damage. And although there are some basic steps that schools can take to prevent the risk of damage, like teaching students how to take care of school-issued laptops or tablets, the practice shows that these preventive measures are not enough.

There is no better way to protect your school district’s investment in student technology than getting K-12 device insurance. With an insurance plan for your student laptops or tablets, you can eliminate high device repair and replacement costs, and you don’t have to use funds on accidentally damaged devices. In addition, you don’t have to worry about how much repairs or replacements will cost or whether they will exceed your budget.

Chromebook Insurance and iPad Insurance for Student Issued Devices

Saves your school time and hassle

When students turn in broken school-issued laptops or tablets, a K-12 school administrator has to figure out where to repair them, who will pay for the device repair, or where to find replacements for those devices that cannot be fixed. On the other hand, setting up a self-repair program takes a lot of time, practice, and resources, and in the end, it might turn out that it is an even more expensive option for your school.

Purchasing K-12 device insurance can save your school a lot of time and hassle regarding device repairs and replacements. Being protected with device insurance means you don’t have to spend valuable time looking for repair shops, making repairs, buying or storing a ton of parts, or finding replacements for severely damaged laptops and tablets. Instead, filing a claim takes only a few minutes, while your insurance company takes care of all the aspects of the claim or repair process.

Gets devices back in students’ hands faster

The goal of the 1:1 initiative is to provide students with constant access to electronic devices, such as Chromebooks and iPads, to enhance learning inside and outside the classroom. The urgent need for a functioning laptop or tablet means that when student-issued devices get damaged, schools must have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible so that students aren’t missing a tool they need to do their classwork or homework.

K-12 device insurance doesn’t only safeguard your school-issued devices against common mishaps, but it also helps you get them back in students’ hands faster in case they get damaged. An insurance solution for your classroom devices ensures that your students will not be without laptops and tablets for too long. To help you keep devices in the hands of your students, Worth Ave. Group has made overnight shipping* and same-day turnaround* standard for repair claims.
* Restrictions Apply

Chromebook Insurance and iPad Insurance for Student Issued Devices

Saves parents from unexpected expenses

Schools that have 1:1 technology programs, but don’t have enough funds to buy device insurance, can ask parents to purchase insurance for the devices issued to their students. Without an insurance plan for school-issued devices, repairing an accidentally damaged laptop or tablet could cost parents hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Replacing a device that is beyond repair could cost parents a lot more.

Considering how expensive repairs and replacements could be, K-12 device insurance is undoubtedly worthwhile coverage for parents. It can save them from costly device repairs and replacements if they are responsible for repairing or replacing school-issued devices. And when parents protect their children’s tablets and laptops with device insurance, they don’t have to stress about unexpected expenses if their child accidentally damages their device.

Lets teachers focus on education

Damaged school-issued devices don’t only cause headaches for K-12 school administrators, K-12 school IT directors, or parents but also for teachers. Teachers have a lot on their plate, so the last thing they need is to worry about damaged devices, how long their students will be without a laptop or tablet, and whether these unfortunate events will hinder their learning. As students rely on laptops and tablets for school, they can miss out on education if they are left without their devices until the school figures out how to handle the repairs or replacements.

K-12 device insurance can also be beneficial for teachers because it can put their minds at ease. When a school is covered with K-12 device insurance, teachers can breathe freely, knowing that their student-issued Chromebooks and iPads are protected against common accidents. And that their students will get their devices back in no time if anything happens to them. Thus, they can focus on what matters: educating their students.

Chromebook Insurance and iPad Insurance for Student Issued Devices

As you can see, K-12 device insurance can improve your 1:1 initiative in many ways. From enabling considerable savings on device repairs and replacements to getting back devices in students’ hands faster, K-12 device insurance can solve numerous problems schools face when providing tech to students.

If you want to get insurance protection for your school-issued devices and keep your 1:1 device initiative effective, get a custom device insurance quote today!

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