Best Safari Extensions for your iPhone and iPad

Best Safari Extensions for your iPhone and iPadSafari extensions in iOS 15 and iOS 16, as well as iPadOS 15, can improve the browsing experience on your iPhone or iPad in more ways than one.

Some extensions can help you save money while shopping online, some can improve your writing on the go, and some make websites more enjoyable by modifying their appearance or blocking unwanted content. Many useful Safari extensions are available, and here are some of the best ones you can use on your iPhone or iPad.

Best Safari Extensions for your iPhone and iPad

Honey: Get the best deals while shopping online

If you want to save money and time while shopping online, Honey is an extension that you should definitely check out. Instead of looking for coupon codes and hunting down deals on your own, Honey does all the work for you. It automatically searches for coupon codes on over 30,000 sites when you shop online and If it finds working codes, it applies the best ones to your cart at checkout. All you have to do is activate the code. Honey can also help you track prices. If you have an item you’re not ready to buy, you can add it to Honey Droplist. If Honey detects a price drop for this specific item, it will notify you. For those who like to shop on Amazon, Honey can compare the sellers and inform them about the best deals by comparing the prices and the shipping time.

Download Honey from App Store.
Best Safari Extensions for your iPhone and iPad

Grammarly: Improve your writing as you type

Besides being a popular writing and editing tool for writers, Grammarly is also incredibly useful for everyone who wants to ensure that everything they are writing online looks good. The Grammarly extension analyzes your sentences as you write and provides real-time suggestions on spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and writing style, no matter what you’re working on in your browser. Whether you are writing an email or a comment on social media, Grammarly can help you avoid grammar and spelling mistakes and find the right words to express yourself. If you don’t want to make silly mistakes while typing in Safari or level up your writing, take advantage of this exceptional extension.

Download Grammarly from App Store.
Best Safari Extensions for your iPhone and iPad

Speechify: Make your device read any text aloud

Speechify is a text-to-speech tool that turns any reading material into audio format, saving you time, maximizing your productivity, and enabling you to multitask and stay informed. You can use it for anything you come across in Safari, so instead of reading articles, emails or documents, you can listen to the content you are interested in while commuting, working out, cooking, walking your dog, or doing some other activity. You can select the voice and reading speed that you prefer, and you can also bookmark something you want Speechify to read it to you later. Among other things, this extension can be also beneficial to those with ADHD or dyslexia.

Download Speechify from App Store.
Best Safari Extensions for your iPhone and iPad

Noir: Force dark mode on every website

Although you can use Apple’s dark mode when visiting websites, it only works if the website has a dark mode option. If you want every website you visit to appear in dark mode, then Noir is the finest Safari dark mode extension for this purpose. It automatically forces a dark mode to every website, even those that don’t have their own. It works with any website you visit in Safari, and you can customize the extension to your liking. You can link Noir to your device’s dark mode settings and select when you want it to be on or off. You can use it on a website-by-website basis. You can pick a different dark theme, and even choose Noir’s dark mode over a website’s existing dark mode if you like it better.

Download Noir from App Store.
Best Safari Extensions for your iPhone and iPad

Mapper: Redirect Google Maps links to Apple Maps

If you use Apple Maps, this is a Safari extension worth knowing and having. You’ve probably noticed that when you type in any address on Google in Safari and click on the directions, it takes you directly to Google Maps, instead of Apple Maps. So, if you prefer using Apple Maps, you have to copy and paste the address, which can be very annoying. Mapper is an extension that automatically redirects Google Maps links from Safari to Apple Maps, saving you time and hassle to manually enter the address.

Download Mapper from App Store.
Best Safari Extensions for your iPhone and iPad

AdGuard: Block unwanted ads

If you are like most internet users, you probably hate all those ads appearing from everywhere while browsing online. AdGuard is one of the best content blockers available and can help you stop all the annoying ads on Safari. It blocks all ads, from video ads, interstitial ads and floating ads to pop-ups, banners, advertisements, and text ads. Besides blocking ads, it also protects your personal data by blocking tracking systems, spyware, and adware. Moreover, it offers multiple customization options and a faster browsing experience.

Download AdGuard from App Store.
Best Safari Extensions for your iPhone and iPad

Installing and using extensions

To see what Safari extensions you already have on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Safari, then tap Extensions. If you want to get more Safari extensions, tap More Extensions to browse through extensions in App Store. When you find one you want, tap the price, or if the app is free, tap Get, then follow the onscreen instructions.

After downloading the app with extension support, go back Settings > Safari > Extensions to see the downloaded extensions. To use an extension, tap aA on the left side of the search field, then select Manage Extensions and tap the extension you want to give permissions to. You can choose how much access to give each extension.

While exploring Safari extensions on your iPhone or iPad, make sure your valuable devices are protected against drops, cracks, spills, and other potential accidents.

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