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Protecting an iPad with an insurance plan is a smart choice when kids are around, especially if kids are the ones who are using this device. iPads are not cheap, while the risk of damage is significant when these devices are in kids' hands or backpacks, and the costs to repair or replace a damaged iPad are high.

If you are a parent and just got a new iPad for your kid, or if you are a K-12 School IT Director responsible for the classroom iPads issued to your students by your school, you certainly want to do everything you can to protect these valuable devices. And when you're considering iPad insurance, you probably want to know everything about it to make an informed decision. So let's go over some of the most common questions about iPad insurance.

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What is iPad insurance?

iPad insurance is a form of protection against various types of accidental damage.

In addition, Worth Ave. Group insurance plan offers coverage in the event of theft, fire, flood, natural disasters, vandalism, power surge by lightning and more.

You can think of it as a safety net in case of a costly mishap.

How is iPad insurance different from the warranty?

The manufacturer's standard warranty covers only mechanical defects and failures, not accidental damage or theft. However, iPad insurance plan provides coverage for everyday mishaps, like cracked screens and liquid spills, theft, and other things that the manufacturer's warranty doesn't cover.

Is iPad insurance worth it?

iPads are excellent tablets, but they are also fragile and easily breakable. If an iPad gets accidentally damaged or stolen, repairing or replacing it can be costly. Having iPad insurance means you can save on out-of-pocket expenses when accidents happen. It also provides peace of mind knowing that an accidentally damaged or stolen iPad will be repaired or replaced in no time. So to put it simply: Yes, it's worth it – it saves you money when device damages occur.

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Do I need iPad insurance?

iPad insurance is a great way to protect yourself from unexpected expenses when a disaster happens, especially if:

Your kids use your iPad.
Your kids have their own iPad they use for school.
You are an educator, and your school is responsible for repairing student-issued iPads.
Accidents seem to follow you wherever you go.
You have an expensive iPad.
You rely on your iPad for work, school, homework, or entertainment

Should I get iPad insurance for my kid’s device?

iPads are great for learning and fun, and kids love them. But, iPads can easily get damaged when kids are using them. Just think about it: Kids take their iPads everywhere with them or leave them lying around, while it only takes a few seconds for an accident to happen.

Dropping an iPad and cracking its screen while rushing to classes or getting off the school bus, spilling juice on it in the lunchroom or on the dining table, stepping on it while the device is on the floor of their room are just some of the most common accidents.

iPads are also susceptible to damage in kids’ backpacks. Kids carry a lot of things in their backpacks, so their iPad screen can get crushed by the books. They also slam their backpacks around, which could also result in a cracked screen.

Replacing or repairing a damaged iPad can set you back hundreds of dollars if you don’t have iPad insurance. So, there is no doubt that iPad insurance is a valuable asset to kids’ iPads.

What does an iPad insurance plan cover?

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Insurance plans vary by provider, but Worth Ave. Group iPad insurance plan offers protection on the following losses:

Cracked screens
Spills and liquid submersion
Accidental damage (Drops)
Theft and vandalism
Fire, flood, and natural disasters
Power surge by lightning
Defect or failure (add-on available for K-12 group policies)

What doesn't iPad insurance plan cover?

Our iPad insurance plan doesn't cover the following:

Intentional damage
Cosmetic damage

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What Apple models are covered by iPad insurance?

You can get insurance protection for all Apple models with our iPad insurance plan. Regardless of where you bought the device, Worth Ave. Group covers new, used, or refurbished iPads.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is an amount you have to pay out-of-pocket when you file a claim for a covered loss, while our insurance company covers the rest. For individuals, the deductible for iPad insurance is $50. For schools, Worth Ave. Group has different deductible options starting at $0, depending on the schools preference.

How do I file a claim?

Our claim submission process is simple. You can find all the information you need to file a claim at: www.worthavegroup.com/claim-submission

Why choose Worth Ave. Group iPad insurance?

Worth Ave. Group has a comprehensive iPad insurance plan that features unlimited claims and coverage for the widest range of accidents. You can purchase an insurance policy anytime, and coverage is available for all iPad models. Worth Ave. Group also offers reliable insurance solutions for K-12 schools that issue iPads to students, teachers, and staff.

See the benefits of our iPad insurance plan, check out how we compare:

  Worth Ave. Group
iPad Insurance
Compared to
Unlimited Claims Check -
Accidental Damage (e.g. Cracked Screens, Liquid Damage) Check Check
Mechanical Breakdown Add-On Available Add-On Available
Used / Refurbished Coverage Check -
Deductible $0 $49

Student Discounts on iPad Insurance

How to buy iPad Insurance?

Free online quotes are available

If you are looking for an individual policy (such as for a child):

K-12 administrators looking to insure a group of iPads, you can get an online quote on: