Risk of Using a Broken Screen Phone
Risk of Using a Phone with Shatterd Screen

You've dropped your phone and cracked its screen, but you think it's alright to keep using it because it is still working? You may want to think again. Aside from being unsightly, you are exposing your phone to further internal damage, and you are putting yourself at risk when you continue to use it. So, to answer the question: No, it's neither alright nor safe to keep using it! A damaged screen can negatively affect your phone and you in more than one way, so let's look at some risks of using a phone with a cracked screen.

Can cracks in a phone screen spread or get bigger worse?

Cracks spread

After cracking your phone screen, you're probably wondering, "Will a cracked screen get worse?" Unfortunately, we have bad news for you: Yes, it will worsen. Even if it is a small crack on the corner of your screen, you should know that cracks tend to spread, and your entire screen could look like a spider web before you know it. Moreover, a phone with a cracked screen is at a much greater risk of shattering when accidentally dropped than an undamaged phone. So, although it may not seem like a big deal at first, even a tiny crack may lead to a shattered screen or device, making your phone useless.

iPhone touch not working after dropping it

Touchscreen malfunction

Even if your touchscreen continues to work as before, this can and will change in no time. The touchscreen functionality is the first thing that will worsen. The display will eventually malfunction, so your phone will need more time to respond to touch. As a result, accessing apps or writing emails and messages will become a difficult task. In the worst-case scenario, your phone will stop responding to touch completely! And you could experience an annoying phenomenon called "ghost touch": due to the damage sustained from the cracked screen, your phone can start operating independently without you touching the screen.

Cracked Phone Screen EyeStrain


A cracked screen makes it more difficult to see what's on your phone, so you can forget about the excellent viewing experience that smartphones usually provide. Instead, you've got to strain your eyes trying to get around the cracks while reading articles or messages, watching videos, or playing games. Besides being bad for your eyesight, a cracked screen can be dangerously distracting when driving and using a GPS app on your phone. While you struggle to follow directions on a cracked screen, you may lose focus and expose yourself and others to a serious safety risk!

Phone Broken After Dropping it iPhone Andriod Windows

Your phone's inner parts are exposed

The screen protects all the internal components of your phone. A cracked screen leaves your phone vulnerable to damage caused by tiny particles that can easily penetrate the cracks and reach your phone's essential and delicate inner parts. Things like dust, dirt, moisture, and water can work their way inside your phone and cause a lot of damage at some point. And if you have a water-resistant phone, you should know that it no longer has this feature when your screen has cracked areas. It's not even safe to wipe your broken screen with a damp cloth because even a few droplets of water can harm your phone if they get inside.

Cut your finger on cracked class smart phone

Glass shards can hurt you

When you have a cracked phone screen, keep in mind that it is made of glass or acrylic. Broken glass can have sharp edges, so you are putting your fingers at risk from cuts when you swipe on the cracked screen, especially in case of severe cracks. You could also hurt your fingers on sharp shards of glass that can fall off of the screen while your phone is in your pocket or purse. Furthermore, tiny glass pieces may come off and get stuck in your fingers. And if you rub your eyes while using your broken phone, shards of glass can also end up in your eyes, which you wouldn't want to experience.

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Let's be honest: a cracked phone screen is no fun. And now you know that ignoring a broken screen is never a good idea since it makes your phone more susceptible to further damage, which could lead to even more expensive repairs.

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