A month after the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released, Apple appears to still not be out of the gate for criticism. According to Business Insider, the newest problem that has several iPhone 6 Plus users scratching their heads is a string of system crashes and repeat rebooting incidents.

People have taken their complaints to Twitter and Apple message boards to get an answer for their crashing smartphones. According to the source, the issue seems to only be happening with the iPhone 6 Plus and more specifically, the 128 gigabyte version.

Hot topic between iPhone users
Users are complaining about their smartphones suddenly crashing while they are switching between apps or checking notifications, which then causes the device to reboot several times. According to the Support Communities forum, a message board from Apple for iPhone users, shows a thread with roughly 10,500 views and 71 comments regarding this issue.

Some of the users say their iPhone 6 Plus devices crash and reboot in a constant loop for long periods at a time, which leaves owners waiting until the phones return to their main home screen, Value Walk reported.

According to Apple Insider, the issue causing the smartphone to trigger numerous reboots still has not been discovered. However, in the message board, iPhone 6 Plus owners were able to discover several commonalities with the glitch. The problem seems to affect those who have more than 700 apps installed on their smartphones, and the crashes can occur without any user interaction.

Software could be at fault
Early blame is being pointed at the iPhone's recent iOS 8.1 update or the entire software itself is causing the crashes, the source reported. One idea that was squashed in the message board was that it was only happening to those who transferred their old iPhone data to the new iPhone 6 Plus hard drive. However, since specific apps - no common one has been found yet - could be causing the smartphone to crash, but cross-checking each app with the software is not an easy task.

Some of the people on Apple's message board simply said they went to the Apple Store and exchanged the faulty device for a new one after the smartphone technician couldn't figure out a solution, Apple Insider reported.

Number of incidents unknown
There still isn't a number out on how many iPhone 6 Plus users have been affected by this new software fault, but Apple could soon issue a statement regarding the problem, Boy Genius Review reported.

As of now, Apple moderators on the message board are recommending users take their smartphones to the Apple Store to have a technician inspect the devices. If there are any faulty problems, the phones will likely be replaced.

However, if the problem continues, some buyers might have to replace their smartphones down the line and might not get the devices fully refunded. To make sure a new iPhone 6 Plus is protected from software issues, breaks, cracks, thieves and forgetful minds, turn to personal insurance today.