It has been a month since Apple released its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, and some of the early sales results show the larger model is a bit behind in sold phones. According to Localytics, the mobile marketing firm handling Apple sales data, explained the iPhone 6 is being purchased at nearly six times the rate of the previous iPhone 5s and makes up for 6 percent of all iPhone sales already.

However, its bigger counterpart, the iPhone 6 Plus, is at a 6-to-1 margin in sells against the standard-sized iPhone 6, the source reported. Currently, the iPhone 6 Plus only makes up 1 percent of all iPhone sales in the world.

iPhone 6 Plus's larger size causing some hesitations
Some experts believe the larger size of the iPhone 6 Plus model is holding back some buyers from switching to the much bigger-screened smartphone. The 5.5-inch screen is certainly not to give users a one-handed device, which might be a problem for owners with older iPhones because the 5s has only a 4-inch screen.

Switching to the bigger device could lead to a lot more drops because of its size, and simply put, the smooth features on the iPhone 6 Plus are not the easiest to grasp, Forbes reported. Larger "phablet" smartphones have curved bottoms or a textured finish on the back of the device to make it easier to hold. However, iPhone 6 Plus users will find neither, as it has such a smooth finish.

The iPhone 6 Plus is also 3.06 inches wide (77.8mm), which makes it difficult to grip and to steadily place between the thumb and fingers. According to the source, the new smartphone will essentially have to stay in a case because it's susceptible to drops, and certain protective gear make the device even larger, which ruins its aesthetic appearance.

Benefits of the larger screen
While users might be dropping their phones a lot more with the iPhone 6 Plus in their hands, it does have plenty of benefits smaller devices don't bring. According to ZDNet, the large display makes it unnecessary to own an iPad Mini and works better for those with poor eyesight.

Additionally, the phablet is good for people who have larger hands, as some of the touch-sensitive typing on smaller smartphones can be difficult for those with big fingers. The iPhone 6 Plus is also a better buy for those looking for a much longer battery life. According to the source, the battery can last nearly 30 percent longer than the iPhone 6 and allows users to avoid constantly worrying about charging it.

Localytics data also showed that those with iPhone 6 Plus phones spent nearly 13 percent longer on apps than other those with different devices.

New model is an attention grabber
According to Mat Honan, a tech reviewer for Wired, the question everyone wants to know when they see him in public, whether it's a stranger or a relative, they want to know how the iPhone 6 Plus feels in his hands. People are going to ask to hold it because it is so large and brings a new phone to the Apple family.

With its smooth finish and easy-to-drop body, some still might deter away from the iPhone 6 Plus. On the other hand, personal insurance can protect the device if it's dropped, dented or completely shattered. With the frenzy around the new iPhone 6 Plus, future users shouldn't move away from the device they want because of fear that they might drop and break the device.