The Kindle Fire is great! If you are a reader, then you probably already know what the primary purpose of the Kindle is, to read books. Just last year Amazon released two more products to their Kindle line, The Kindle Touch and The Kindle Fire. Now if you haven’t already researched the Kindle line, then go check out the products at Each Kindle product is tailored to meet specific needs for each of their customers. The Kindle is priced at $79 and is your basic e-reader. The Kindle Touch is slightly bigger with a few more features like the touch screen and is priced just at $99. The newest reader Amazon has created is The Kindle Fire, which is mainly trying to compete with Apple’s iPad by containing many similar features. Amazon has done a wonderful job in creating their devices, book selections, cloud services, and its syncing capabilities. Although Amazon has done an outstanding job with these devices, does it compare to the Apple iPad?

The Kindle line is great and useful, but is their new Kindle Fire durable?

If you plan to purchase one of these devices be sure to do your homework and find out which device will suit you best. Both devices have their ups and downs, but it will just depend on your preference. In the end it doesn’t matter which device you pick as long as you look into insuring it from accidental damage.

Personal Incident #1: Broken Kindle Screen

“I wish I would have known about insurance coverage before I broke my Kindle, which would have saved me from purchasing a brand new one.” – Megan Robinson

One instance that we have personally witnessed was done to the older Kindle model, The Kindle Keyboard. Many Kindle customers believe that their device is soo durable and therefore does not take all of the proper protection procedures for the device. In this instance a young lady, Megan Robinson, had placed her Kindle inside her purse in hopes that the purse would protect her device from any damages, but unfortunately this was not the case. When the Kindle was later taken out of the purse the entire screen was damaged with black streaks across the entire screen. In a panic of not knowing how to fix the device Megan began her research on what her options were. When she stumbled across Worth Ave. Group she immediately purchased a new Kindle as well as an insurance plan covering her new device from any accidental damages, just like this one.

Even though the Kindle products seem to be less fragile and more durable, the instance above along with many others are prime examples that accidental damage can happen to any device. Whether you spent $99 or $829 for the device, having the reassurance to know that if anything happened to your precious investment it would be covered and replaced with Worth Ave. Group.